Shedding for Wedding Weight Loss Journey – HELP!

Plain and simply – I need some help!  Although the aim of my shedding for wedding weight loss journey is to fit back into my wedding dress, it is also about changing my lifestyle and becoming fitter and healthier.

So do please forgive the self indulgent post, but I need some help in finding a fitness expert.  After all I go to a trained hairdresser, a qualified dentist and a chartered accountant, it only makes sense to call in an expert when I am dealing with such an important issue as my health/ fitness.  The reason I say fitness expert is I am not actually sure if it is a personal trainer or boot camp or a another option that I am looking for?

At the start of my journey I began fast walking in my woods and I am now onto a slow jog accompanied by a good sports bra, but I have no knowledge or idea as to how to keep pushing myself safely to keep moving forward AND without getting bored.  With all my good intentions, my old habits have started to creep back in, the main one is exercise moving further down my to-do list until I have run out of energy and time in the late evening, I would read some shred fx reviews but I felt afraid of choosing a supplements.

So I need some help, someone or something who will work with me to achieve my goals. But realistically how do you go about finding someone? Recommendation would be the best, but none of my real world friends had any useful suggestions, so I am turning to my twitter friends and you the readers to help me.

If you have a recommendation or suggestion please email me at [email protected] and put ” exercise help” as the subject line.

Please feel free to share.

Thanks in advance.

Monique x x


  • I always did my exercise at the gym in the morning before I started anything else because then it is done and out of the way! But I am a morning person so fits in better with my energy levels.
    Very important to change your programme at the gym every few weeks because of the boredom factor.
    Pilates is a very good form of ‘exercise’ too and once you have learned it you can do it at home as well as going to a class.
    Most of all, Have Fun!!

  • Have you thought about doing the couch to 5K? Its a great way to train yourself with no pressure, and baby steps to work with your fitness status.
    Good luck 🙂