Shedding for Wedding: How to Stay Motivated

Today’s post is a blessing and coming at the right time in my shedding for wedding dress diet.  As I am already married, my personal shedding for wedding dress diet is focused towards getting back into my wedding dress from 4 years ago rather than fitting into my wedding dress for the first time.  Part of my problem is that this is a self determined goal and as such my motivation has started to waver in line with work commitments, personal celebrations and pouring more of my time writing and managing my wonderful blog as it gets busier.

So what is a girl to do?  Turn to Tim Mugabi from Into That Dress personal training company based in London, that’s what!  Into That Dress  specialises in helping Brides-to-be lose weight for their wedding day.   Tim created Into That Dress because he felt there was nothing out there that catered specifically for women who wanted to look their absolute best on their big day.

wedding personal trainerTim:  “I fully believe that Brides-to- be are a special group of women. They have a special motivation that if taken advantage of can enable them to look incredible as they walk down the aisle.  But if that motivation is left unchecked, it can prove destructive. This is why so many future brides succumb to dangerous crash diets and excessive exercise routines; because there was no-one out there guiding them with an alternative.

Into That Dress is that alternative. We help you to achieve long lasting weight loss with our Three Fundamentals of Weight Loss: Mindset, Diet and Exercise.  We help keep you motivated and help you to motivate yourself, make sure you eat the right things consistently and provide you with a tailored exercise plan that will transform your body.


How Do You Stay Motivated?

To lose weight and more importantly keep it off requires work over the long term and it requires you to stay motivated. This motivation is like the wind in your sails and when it’s blowing you feel in control and that you’re moving in the right direction. But when it’s gone, you can feel like you’re going nowhere fast. It’s hanging onto this motivation that’s the hard part of getting into shape.

But keeping this motivation and sticking with a healthier lifestyle for the long haul doesn’t have to be too difficult. It can be made simpler with a shift in mindset; more specifically a shift in how you motivate yourself. For motivation to work over the long term, you need to make the shift from Away Motivation to Towards Motivation.

When you are away motivated you are motivated away from something you don’t want. In this situation there is an outcome that you want to avoid, so you’re motivated to do your best to make sure it doesn’t happen.

But it’s not just the outcome that you’re motivated away from; you also want to avoid how you would feel if it happened. So in other words, away motivation is the motivation to not feel a certain way.

shedding for wedding exerciseSome of the feelings we’re motivated away from include:

  • Fear
  • Pain
  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Disappointment
  • Embarrassment
  • Frustration
  • Being unattractive

The downside of away motivation is that it often doesn’t last for long. Your fear of a negative outcome will motivate you at the beginning, but soon you’ll start to see progress and start losing weight. This progress is fantastic, it’s proof that you’re on your way to achieving your goal, but it also results in you being a little less afraid. You’re now a little less afraid of the negative outcome because you’re moving away from it; it’s slowly becoming less likely.

All the negative emotions that drove you initially start to give way to positive ones; you start to become happier, hopeful and energetic. But what can happen is that you become content and without the away motivation, you can become complacent. You stop doing the things that helped you lose the weight in the first place.

At this point the results you’ve worked hard for can start to slip and in the worst case, you can find yourself back to where you started. You’re also back in a position where you can use away motivation again, thus restarting the cycle.  It’s this cycle that’s chiefly responsible for the phenomenon known as yoyo dieting.

wedding dietHas this ever happened to you?

So as you can see, away motivation is useful – at first. As much as we want to avoid negative feelings they can have their use as they get us going. But after we’ve used them to give us a little push, it’s necessary to switch over to towards motivation to take us the rest of the way.

In contrast, when you are towards motivated you are motivated towards something that you want. You have a desired outcome and direct your actions towards making that happen.

But again, it’s not just the outcome that we desire, but the associated feelings. So we are motivated to feel a certain way.

Some of the feelings we’re motivated towards are:

  • Happiness
  • Pleasure
  • Love
  • Hope
  • Attractiveness
  • Pride
  • Worthiness
  • Adventure
  • Growth
  • Accomplishment

Often, it’s harder to be towards motivated than away motivated because while we know what we don’t want, we don’t know what we actually want. We make the assumption that what we want is just the opposite of what we don’t want, but that’s not the case. There’s a grey middle area in which we’ve managed to avoid what we don’t want, but don’t have what we want either. The way to avoid this is to be clear on the outcome you do want, and not just what you don’t want.

It might seem like a subtle difference between being away and towards motivated. But that subtle difference makes all the difference in being motivated for the long term. With towards motivation you are motivated by the way you want to feel when you accomplish your goal as well as the positive feelings your progress brings along the way. You grow accustomed to feeling good and are motivated to keep it that way; that motivation carries you along towards your goal of looking great on your big day and beyond.


When I read the article I nodded the whole way through it, as it is exactly the problem I have had once the weight starts to come off!

Thanks to Tim for the polite motivational talk that I personally needed.  To find out more about Into That Dress and how they can help you on your shedding for wedding journey visit

Monique x x