Start of a journey – Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet

Before I even start this post, I will say that I am a little nervous/ excited about the journey I have just started on and the reaction from my readers and industry professionals. I have also deliberated about posting my journey on the blog, not wanting anyone to feel bad about themselves or pressure brides to meet mass media stereotypes.

But I have taken the decision to be brave….

Like many people out there my weight has fluctuated throughout my adult years.  I love the diversity of the female form and my quest has never been fuelled by the media or fashion houses, but more my own sense of self and health.  Through hard work and an exercise regime I was a curvy 10/12 (I am blessed with womanly curves) on my wedding day 4 years ago.  But that was 4 years ago…

Like many dieters my goal had always been to lose the weight, but never actually had a plan as to how I was going to maintain this.  So the same story that you have heard many times, over the last 4 years through lifestyle and some medical factors,  the weight has all gone back on and then some!

After the festive celebrations, I took some time to reflect and think about the year ahead and decided to set myself a goal –  to get back into my wedding dress (which has been professionally cleaned and stored) before Autumn and stay at that weight for at least 1 year!  But how?

I have done several diets over the past couple of years, all half heartedly and normally with a get out clause.  But the one that I had a natural fit with was the Dukan Diet, a four phase diet which limits carbohydrates and fats, whilst advocating protein consumption.  AND it is a french based diet so what could be more perfect! The Dukan Diet as such is too complex for me to paraphrase so if you are interested visit the Dukan Diet website to find out more information.

You can purchase Dukan Diet books via Amazon or the Dukan Diet shop, but I felt that I need the interaction and guidance on a daily basis so I have signed up for the Dukan Diet Online Coaching programme.  I do want to state that this is not a PR sample situation, I have not received any prefered service or treatment from Dukan because of the blog, I have paid for the coaching out of my own fair wallet (it did cry a little as quite expensive).

So I have filled in my details in “My Slimming Apartment” and today is the first day of my Dukan Diet Shedding for Wedding Dress Diet Journey.  Now comes the embarrassed blushing, in order to completely share my journey with you here are my personal starting numbers:

Weight:      14st 4lbs
Chest:         47″ (told you I was curvy)
Waist:         42″
Hips:          47.5″

Hhmmmmm…. moving on.  My plan is to blog about my Dukan Diet Journey, my experiences, recipes, exercise goals and survival tactics.  But don’t worry it will not be replacing any of my wedding posts, but will be supplementary and hopefully provide inspiration for any brides on their own wedding diet journey.

Although my dieting journey is involving the Dukan Diet, what ever diet you are following please feel free to stop by, let me know your experiences, highs, lows and success stories.

No going back now!

Happy dieting travels

Monique x x


  • Good luck with the Dukan Diet. I blogged about my journey with the diet as well. I’m on what I like to call Phase for Life. It’s the final phase that you are on for the rest of your life. Remember to read the book and read it often. It helps. I didn’t sign up on the website. Please let us know if it is worth the money. I had someone close to me do it as well so we have been each others coach! Courageous in sharing your personal numbers. That is something that I did not do, but I did share lbs lost along the way.

    All the best success to you!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Erin, it is lovely to meet other fellow Dukan Dieters and your journey will help to keep me motivated.
      Monique x x