Wedding Stationery by Atelier Rosemood

You have set a wedding date and it is now time to organise your special day with some amazing Wedding Stationery?

Atelier Rosemood is here to help you find the perfect wedding stationery from start to finish, from wedding invitations during the early stages of your preparations, to the photo albums that will collect all the precious memories you have made with your loved ones.

Large range of baby stationery, christening, birthday cards and photo books.

Since 2010, Atelier Rosemood has been handcrafting beautiful stationery in the buzzing city of Nantes, France. As well as wedding stationery, it has a large range of baby stationery, christening, birthday cards and photo books. But let’s get back to your current concern.

Where on earth do I start with my wedding preparations? You might ask yourself.

Setting the theme of your wedding is a good way to start. From rustic to elegant, there is stationery for all wedding styles.

Stationery For Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are all about embracing organic elements in your decorations. You can therefore find wood and foliage around glass jars and metallic frames.

You can set the theme of your venue by looking for rustic wedding invitations. When you find the perfect design, scroll down the product page to reveal a whole suite that will enable you to create a harmonious and cohesive feel on the day of the celebration. Green designs, such as intertwined branches and wildflowers work well with rustic wedding venues.

You can also go with other designs, such as watercolour pictograms with the “Your Wedding in Watercolour” suite, or even a pencil sketch of you and your fiancé, with the “Lovely Newlyweds” suite. Once you have set your heart on a design, you can go ahead and choose one of our four paper types, from smooth to textured, in order to get the perfect feel for your card.

How about recycled paper?

This paper type will give a nice grainy look that will make your stationery fit in perfectly with your organic wedding decorations. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that all of our papers come from responsible forestry, and are therefore granted a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

Stationery For Classic & Elegant Weddings

Minimalist layouts, white materials that enhance golden elements and glass vases containing stunning flower bouquets usually make up classic wedding decorations. Just like looking for rustic wedding stationery, go to one of our product pages, and filter the collection to find the right theme for your stationery. For instance, our classic wedding invitations will give you ideas for an elegant and timeless wedding style.

Inspire you to make your stationery match a classic and elegant venue

As you find a design, scroll down the page to unravel the whole suite, that will inspire you to make your stationery match a classic and elegant venue. Stationery with foil stamped designs give a very elegant touch that will be reminiscent of the golden elements you might want to add in your wedding decorations.

Find the perfect paper, either opting for a textured or a smooth type, although the latter would make a nice contrast with the foil stamped designs. Botanical designs are very popular in classic wedding stationery, and you could choose between a striking or a subtle pattern. A wreath of branches intertwined with leaves and flowers gives a grandiose feeling that will fill your guests with wonder. However, you could also opt for a more minimalist design with a subtle branch of leaves in blue or green tones.

Stationery For Modern Weddings

A play on geometric shapes and proportions usually give an edgy and modern twist

Modern weddings take one’s breath away with the clever way the layout is thought of. A neutral colour palette creates a cohesive feel to the venue, and a subtle pop of colour will make all the decorative elements stand out. A play on geometric shapes and proportions usually give an edgy and modern twist and can be found in various decorative elements, such as an impressive centrepiece or a modern chandelier.

It could even be seen in the way the lights are displayed or the shape of the room where the venue takes place!

Stationery for modern weddings can show a photo of the happy couple, along with a minimalist design. The main focus could also be on the font, that would look different from the traditional cursive fonts usually found on wedding stationery. For instance, it could be a handwriting style of font, that you find in the sans serif font category.

Modern wedding stationery could also be about format. Wedding invitations do not have to be a four page card, and you can find different formats such as bookmark wedding invitations. Your loved ones will be able to keep the bookmark as a keepsake, and be reminded of the joyful event in the years to come.

If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding invitations, feel free to take a look at our modern wedding invitations page.

Wedding Stationery gives a clear indication on the style and feel of the venue.

Wedding Stationery gives a clear indication on the style and feel of the venue. You might go with blooming flowers for a classic and timeless wedding, or look for a watercolour design for a rustic venue.

Of course, this is not a fixed rule, and if you feel like choosing another type of design for your stationery, feel free to discover all of our on-the-day wedding stationery!

All your personalised stationery is read by our proofreading experts and the layout is checked by our graphic designers, to make sure that you receive a flawless design. Our customer service team is also here to help and answer all your questions or special requests. If you need to see the design before placing your order, you can also get a free personalised sample of your card.

Once you have decided on the type of stationery you are looking for, starting the preparations will feel more manageable. The next step would be knowing when to order your stationery, and you can take a look at our wedding timeline article for guidance.

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