Secret to long-lasting wedding make up

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We’re excited to reveal the secret to long-lasting wedding make up in today’s blog post by French Wedding Style vendor Carey Hawkins, a talented Make Up Artist and Hairstylist in France.

So you’ve found your perfect venue, you’ve chosen your dress and now it’s all about the finer details like hair and make-up for your big day. Us women are always looking for ways to help our make-up last throughout the day and there is no more important day for this than your wedding day. So what is the secret to long-lasting wedding make up? We have enlisted the expertise of Carey Hawkins to offer us some invaluable advice…

For a make up artist, wedding make up can be challenging. There are so many elements to think about before you start to paint a face. Weather, location and lighting all play a major part in how the make up will look (and last) for you and in your photos. So here are a few secrets to long-lasting wedding make up…

An experienced artist will ask you questions at your trial about all these possibilities so that they can prepare the make up and hairstyle well. If you are doing your own or just need some reassurance how to take care of your make up after your MUA leaves here is some great advice.

Base – forget great primers etc. for a moment. If the skin underneath the make up is in bad condition through bad skincare, sun exposure or dehydration your look will not last. Invest some time in the run up to the wedding on some decent skincare (maybe some facials) and when you arrive at your destination wedding stay out of the sun and stay hydrated.

Now a great primer! These have advanced into forms of skincare now so pack a double punch. You need one that works for your skin type e.g. oily/dry. A primer will ensure your make up stays put throughout the heat and tears of the day. Try Smashbox Original Photo Finish for all skin types.

Layering – now I really would like to stress that this does not mean thick overdone make up but working fine layers of product over the skin. Primer, followed by foundation then powder etc. With practice this is what will help to give your look staying power.

Make up setting sprays – avoid if you can and do not (ever) spray your face with hairspray whatever your fave Instamakeup queen says. You will do yourself some damage! Setting sprays when applied over the face leave tiny wet droplets on the skin. However fine they are, they cause the make up to lift and blotch.

Long wear lipsticks. Again, stick with your normal lipstick brand. Use a great lipliner to fill in the entire lip and add two coats of lipstick over the top (blotting in between coats). I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lip cheat for your base. Suits everyone.

Tears, heat and wind. Tears are inevitable and part of the day, so don’t worry about them. Keep a tissue discreetly tucked into the top of your dress (or ask hubby to put one in his suit pocket for you) and very gently dab the inner corners of your eyes. Never rub or use the back of your hand. Ask a Bridesmaid to have a small mirror ready for after the ceremony to check your face. A quick touch up with some light concealer/touch of powder and you will be ready for drinks. No need to check your face again until dinner or any close-up shots. Heat is usually part of why you have chosen a destination wedding, so embrace it. Starting with your dress think of all the ways you can stay cool. Staying out of the sun as much as you can, will ensure everything stays cool and in place. Wind will move your veil and hair. You don’t want to look like you have waxwork hair so enjoy a little messiness. Just make sure that the veil is attached well and drape over your arm when you move.

Best of all ask your MUA to stay for a couple of hours after the ceremony to keep an eye on your make up and hair for long-lasting wedding make up.

Carey Hawkins is a Make Up Artist and Hairstylist living in France and has worked with brides since 2004 as well as working on a wide range of films and TV.  She is a regular contributor to FWS. For more information visit:


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