Scenic Samedi – French Coastline

During the winter months it maybe difficult to picture your summer wedding – so today is about providing summer inspiration with the beautiful coastline in France that can provide the backdrop to your wedding or special event.

France has over 5500 km of coastline, half of which is unspoilt including beaches in the North Sea, Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean.

french rivieraFrench Riviera – Fodors Travel


cote dopal FranceCote Dopal – School Travel

beach huts franceBeach Huts France – Navi Mag

Brittany beach FranceRospico Beach, Brittany, France – DP Photographer

mont st michelMont St Michel – L’Hamel Riche

petite dallas, France Petite Dallas – Office of Tourism

Cote d'Azur, FranceCote d’Azur – SWC Yacht Charters

If you considering getting married on the french coast, I would love to hear from you.

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