Romantic Grey Wedding Inspiration

dining by the sea in the french Riviera • images by Sarah StefaniThis grey wedding inspiration on a secluded beach along the French Riviera has us rethinking our summer vibes. These muted tones create such a dramatic touch paired with a stunning backdrop to match. Sarah Stefani shares more about the process behind the photos, let’s dive right in…

crashing waves on the beach • images by Sarah StefaniWe wanted to provide a beautiful wedding inspiration to get married on the seaside of the French Riviera. We wanted to create something different from the beach wedding on the sand that we are used to seeing, so we brought in our own dramatic flair!

riviera wedding inspiration with a grey theme • images by Sarah StefaniThis styled shoot used different shades of gray. Because, yes, gray also has a place in weddings. We picked a place accordingly and found the perfect seaside location with gray pebbles and gray rock formations all around. riviera skies • images by Sarah Stefani tulle wedding dress • images by Sarah StefaniThe idea came from the wedding designer Ricci Floral Creation. She wanted to show an organically inspired decor at the edge of the sea. In this logic, we chose tableware rich in texture and material, as well as an authentic wooden table. But that’s not all, in addition to the organic side, we wanted a smooth fluid shoot so we chose this beautiful dress in windy sandstone, reminding us of the foam of the sea. pillow close up • images by Sarah Stefani bride on the beach • images by Sarah StefaniOur installation was made more comfortable with cushions placed on pebbles closer to the sea. The cozy atmosphere of this intimate installation is accentuated by the materials such as wicker, wood and the natural materials of the decoration on the table. We wanted to reflect something warm but muted and we were quite successful. beach wedding table top decor • images by Sarah Stefani decor beach vibes • images by Sarah Stefani close up on the tableware for this beach wedding • images by Sarah StefaniThis session was fully photographed in film which is known for highlighting materials, movements, and light.

up do for a beach wedding • images by Sarah StefaniThe last thing we wanted to put forward is the theme of the sea. For this, our wedding designer used marine decorations such as starfish and shellfish. The textured stationery is reminiscent of the old parchments allowing communication between ships. But that’s not all, the inspiration from the sea is also found on the bride and not only in her dress as said above – we chose a fluid hairstyle that is wavy reflecting in the sandstone of the wind and reminiscent of the waves. riviera wedding inspo • images by Sarah Stefani green bouquet • images by Sarah Stefani brides hair for a beach wedding• images by Sarah Stefani brides back in lace dress • images by Sarah Stefani dress flowing in the wind • images by Sarah StefaniIt was a dangerous shoot when we had to face the marine elements. The broken waves lapping against the rocks. The foam of the waves is deposited on the dishes and decoration and on our bride passing from rock to rock. Thanks to this great team we managed to get the expected and exceptional results. bride with French Riviera sand • images by Sarah Stefani cyrstal blue waters • images by Sarah Stefani bride on a beach rock • images by Sarah Stefani natural hair and make up Riviera • images by Sarah StefaniWe sincerely hope that this shoot will please you as much as we enjoyed working on it and will inspire you for your wedding by the sea on the French Riviera.

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Romantic Grey Wedding Inspiration SnapshotGrey wedding inspiration snapshot • images by Sarah Stefani

Romantic Grey Wedding Inspiration Vendors

| Florist Ricci Floral Creation | Photographer  Sarah Stefani | Second Photographer Thomas Audiffren | Brides Dress Accord Parfait | Hair and Make Up  Beauty Event and Co | Accessories Aurora Secrets | Stationery L’art Deco Event |