Rebranding and French Wedding Style moving forward

Hello lovely readers.  If you have stopped by French Wedding Style this morning you hopefully noticed the rebrand and new look blog that has been taking place behind the scenes.

My husband and I are not currently blessed with children, so the blog has become like my baby, nurturing it every day and watching it grow and develop from an infant, to starting to find its feet within the wedding blogosphere.  However as it is my baby, it is an interesting process to begin to change and evolve what you have put your heart and soul (not to mention a lot of time) into developing.

When I started the blog back in October 2011, I knew what I wanted the blog’s logo and identity to look like, to have a stamp of ‘french’ style about it.  As the blog has evolved and grown in readership over the last 9 months, I decided that I wanted to update the blog’s style and ambience to reflect the changes.

So today I thought I would share with you some of the design process I went through and how FWS is going to move forward.french wedding style logoAt the start of the design process I identified the key attributes that I wanted to be reflected in the new logo and design: chic and stylish but with a soft feminine ‘cheeky’ side.  In hindsight maybe how I would like myself to be described??

After several drafts the new logo has the essence of soft feminine chic style with dramatic flourishes and a little of the cheeky side added in with the heart.  Once the logo had been locked in, the blogs design uses the pink, grey and white palette to create the total new French Wedding Style Blog new look.  My baby has had a make over!

And with a new make over comes a new featured on badge.  Email for your badge [email protected] featured on French Wedding Style BlogWith the make over complete you can see the transition from the old blog design to the new.french wedding style blogSo with the redesign complete, it is also the perfect time for the blog to start taking on its own sponsors.  If you offer products, services or a venue for couples planning a wedding in France and would like to appear on every page and post of French Wedding Style, request your sponsorship pack.

I am delighted with the redesign, but I am not resting on my laurels and there are more developments planned, so keep reading!

I would also like to say a big thank you for everyone who has stopped by the blog, entered competitions and especially those readers who have taken the time to leave a comment on the blog.

Lastly do let me know what you think of the new logo and blog design in the comments box below.

Merci beaucoup!

Monique xx

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