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Thursday and the run on down to the weekend and get on your dancing shoes as we are all about the dance of love today.  I have a theory that as little girls there are two groups, those that went to dance classes and those that did sport and really thought they were little boys climbing trees.  I was the later!

Whilst I loved sport and especially swimming, I do wish that as a little girl I had gone to some form of dance classes.  Low and behold as I got older and the tom boy diminished with the rapid occurence of puberty, I think I regressed back to that lost little girl, with a love of all things pretty and pink, a love of tutus and for a while I even signed Mr T and I up for salsa classes!

So I am a little envious of today’s dance loving couple Danielle and Yann, who were brought together through a love of dance which led to their marriage in France and the fabulous chaps from Deneemotion capturing their real wedding film.

Be sure to watch the whole real wedding film for the brilliant bridesmaids dance and the wedding cake arriving by boat!

Danielle takes us through their big day: “We met in Brisbane in a salsa club in January 2010 and kept meeting at different salsa and latin dance events over the next few months. From the beginning, Yann said he was taken with my smile and I was charmed by Yann’s moves on the dance floor, but it took another 7 months until we started dating and found that our connection was deeper than dancing.

After two years together, I was able to finally meet Yann’s family in Brittany and soon after, Yann proposed with a ring he helped design on the tidal flats of Mont Saint Michel. So distracted we were by the romance of the proposal, we forgot about the incoming tide and had to wade fully clothed through rushing waist deep water to get back to the island before we were completely inundated!

When it came time to plan the wedding choosing which country was our biggest issue as we have so many loved ones in both France and Australia. Ultimately, we chose France because so many of my friends and family were keen travellers who loved the idea of a european holiday. 

The wedding celebrations were held over three days with the civil ceremony at Plougonvelin Mairie, in the town where Yann’s parents live. The following day the wedding was held at Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle in Paimpol. The ceremony was made extra special as my friends sang a sacred late 16th century a capella composition from William Byrd’s “Mass For Three Voices”. 

The evening’s celebrations were held at Manoir De La Noe Verte, with a cocktail held in the courtyard watched over by the Manor’s resident peacock. The reception dinner was hosted by two emcees, speaking French and English. Yann’s family gave a demonstration of traditional Breton dancing that got everone on their feet and my family, of Chinese heritage, surprised the French guests with their shouts of “Yum Seng”, a traditional toast.

The evening was topped off when the cake arrived with great fanfare, on a boat rowed by the chef himself. This was followed by the wedding dance, a romantic and sensual Brazilian Zouk choreographed by the world reknowned Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane.

The next day our guests were able to relax and enjoy some traditional Breton food at Le Char a Banc in Plelo.”

A wedding cake arriving by boat with sparklers, that is a new one for me and I LOVE it!

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Wedding Suppliers:

Flowers: Couleur Nature (Christelle Le Marlec), Plouha, France
Bridal Dress: Arushie Couture, Sydney, Australia
Bride jacket: Coast
Bridesmaids dresses: Henkaa
Groom attire: Caruso
Groom shoes: Calibre
Catering: All the catering was organized by Marie-Valerie Boutbien the owner of the Manoir La Noe Verte. Food/Drinks for cocktail/dinner was organized by her and her team, as per the wedding cake.
DJ: Olivier Berna. Olivier is usually doing DJ at le Manoir La Noe Verte, [email protected]
Car. The car was a Citroen B14G from 1928. It was owned and driven by Andre Lefèvre [email protected]
Dance choreography. The dance was a Brazilian Zouk, and has been designed by Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane from K&L at Brisbane, Australia.
Videography: Deneemotion Boutique Wedding Cinema
Photography:  Chistophe Photo


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