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Choosing a wedding dressWe are here with Kim, our real bride, as she continues on her wedding planning journey for her soon to come destination wedding in France. So far she has shared with us the start of her planning journey. Then on her trip for her pre-wedding tasting. So let’s hear from her as she starts choosing a wedding dress…Choosing a wedding dress - FWS BrideAs May has been and gone, we can finally say that  it is a year we get married , although it does mean we can not use the ‘we still have so long to go!  excuse when it comes to planning and maybe even choosing a wedding dress!

More wedding dress shopping …

Since my last post, I’ve been trying on my bridesmaids and mum (again) with me. To make shopping easier, we made it a day of it and enjoyed some non-wedding retail therapy, a boozy lunch!

One of the shops we visited was Grace Loves Lace – I love their boho dresses and they do not have a huge collection, so we decided to be pretty easy. The showroom in London is stunning and the staff could not have been nicer. Booking an appointment is super easy via their website; in an hours appointment, you can try on five dresses and get a glass of champagne. If you are after a sleek, fitted, more relaxed dress, I would definitely recommend Grace Loves Lace as a great place to start.

To be honest, this is a big job done. 

Now, I definitely want to make the style and shape I want to become more decisive. I have tried on some potential ‘the one’ dresses – I just want to make sure that I am 100% certain. I have had a lot more success with my bridesmaids and we have chosen dresses. To be honest, this is a big job done. Choosing a bridesmaids dress

I just wanted to find something that they would all feel comfortable in.

I am having three bridesmaids, who would all look stunning in a paper bag. S choosing dresses was not difficult; I just wanted to find something that they would all feel comfortable in. I obviously did not want to give the dresses, but these were some of the dresses that I did look at.

bridesmaids dress one silk bridesmaids gown - kim

Civil  Ceremony

As our wedding is in France, we have had to book our ‘legal wedding’ in England. Luckily, we have some beautiful offices around us and we have a few weeks ago This sounds a lot scarier than it actually was. We have booked a date for a month or so before the wedding in France. Which is really exciting and makes it very real.

Wedding Season

As the wedding season is in full flow, I am finding more and more inspiration from other brides and their weddings. So I know I am closer to choosing a wedding dress. I am now enjoying the idea of ​​having a live band on the couch. Then playing the party later on – we just need to see if we can stretch to it budget wise!

Kim has had such a fun wedding planning journey so far. From choosing a wedding dress to prewedding visits to France. We have loved following along!

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