Planning a trip to Provence

In the UK it is Bank Holiday Monday today, so I am taking some time out of our regular wedding posting and instead filling the blog with pictures of beautiful places in the South of France, that I hope will inspire if you are planning a trip to Provence.

There are so many delightful places across France that hold special memories, but Provence and the Cote d’Azur certainly do have a pull on my heart-strings.  I don’t know what it is about the area, but as soon as I step off the plane, I always feel a sense of calm.

There is another reason too, I find the area such a hive of creative inspiration and sitting outside with my laptop and espresso in the early morning, with just the sounds of the crickets and the keys tapping, is my ultimate blogging environment.

This is a pictorial diary of sorts of our recent trip, if you are planning a trip and want to ask questions on the areas, leave a comment below.

We stayed at a little chalet just outside of Valbonne that I chose purely because of the view that I could enjoy whilst sitting at the table blogging.

Chalet just outside Valbonne, with the best view to watch the sunrise

Chalet just outside Valbonne, with the best view to watch the sunrise

As we were so close to Valbonne this was our favourite place for a spot of food, wine and wandering around the pretty streets.

French house in town of Valbonne

French house in town of Valbonne

One of our best friends in the UK has a cheese business and he had told us that we had to go and visit 365 Fromages when we said we were staying near Valbonne. We were looking for the tiny shop in the town, but before you even saw the sign you could smell the cheese!  15 mins later we finally made our selection and enjoyed it back at the chalet with some delightful wine and bread.

365 Fromages in Valbone cheese

365 Fromages in Valbone

A short drive and we visited Grasse and after watching some tourists in a rather large SUV try to navigate the narrow streets and parking, we decamped to meander around the city.  A tip – small cars are wonderful for nipping around the narrow streets of Provence and South of France.

view over Provence from Grasse

View over Provence from Grasse

In a little square by a look out point we came across this delightful deck chair seating area.  It was just delightful with people sat quietly reading and soaking up the beautiful weather and ambiance – helped along by an occasion spritz of cooling mist.

a deckchair seaying area in Grasse

A deck chair seating area in Grasse

I was mesmerised by this rustic archway in Grasse. I love the shapes and colours, it looks just like a watercolour painting with the external wear on the buildings.

Arch in Grasse, France

Arch in Grasse, Provence

Our lovely host had recommended that we visit Lake of Sainte-Croix a man-made lake in the Var.  Motor boats are not allowed on the lake so it is wonderful for watersports and sailing.

Sainte Croix Lake

Lac Sainte Croix

Upon his advice we got there early as parking can be difficult.  It is not your typical sandy beach but small pebbles, so make sure to take something to sit on and lots of supplies.  My biggest tip, make sure to wear suntan lotion with mosquito repellant, as this year they were out in force especially by the lake.

serene Sainte Croix Lake

Serene Sainte Croix Lake


stone and pebble shoreline

Stone and pebble shoreline

View of lac de Sainte Croix

View of Lac Sainte Croix

One of our favourite things is just driving in Provence, with no exact plan of where you are going.  It is great to find new places and as hubby usually drives, I get to stare out the window at the stunning countryside. So off we popped and found ourselves in Aiguines enjoying the views.

Town of Aiguines

Town of Aiguines

Of course I love Chateaux, I write about them most days on the blog and I was in pure delight in Aiguines when we came across a Chateau that we simply stumbled upon, that is apparently privately owned. Look at those roof tiles!

Chateau d'Aigines

Chateau in Aiguines

Leaving Aiguines we went over Pont de l’Artuby and then through Les tunnels du Fayet, tunnels carved into the rock.  Be sure to have your camera – there were vantage points to stop and take pictures.

Pont de l’Artuby

Pont de l’Artuby

Gorges du Verdon

Gorges du Verdon – Frances Grand Canyon

When visiting the area, Antibes is a must! Walking around the pretty streets, enjoying a delicious lunch and discovering a BLAT.  If you haven’t heard of it before bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato and is now my favourite sandwich!

Streets of Antibes

Streets of Antibes

Chocolate shop in Antibes

Chocolate shop in Antibes, I might have bought some…….

A meeting took us to the town of Cotignac, somewhere I have never been to before.  It was just a delight, a mix of tourists and residents sheltering from the sun on treelined streets enjoying the local fare.

Dream house in Cotignac

House in Cotignac, I just love the archicture and those stairs!

No trip to Provence is ever complete without late nights enjoying a bottle (or 2) of wine whilst Mr T beats me at chess.

Muscadet wine in Provence

Muscadet wine in Provence

Beautiful colours in the Provence sky at dusk

Beautiful colours in the Provence sky at dusk

Au revoir Provence for now

Au revoir Provence for now

I would love to hear your stories from Provence and please share any tips for those planning their honeymoon in the area.

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  • Great photos and some great ideas for my next visit to France. I love Provence (in fact I love France altogether!) – surprises seem to be round every corner. The Gorges du Verdon is just incredible.