Picturesque French Countryside Engagement Shoot

Picturesque French Countryside Engagement Shoot

Happy Friday Folks, it’s officially the start of April tomorrow, we know, we can’t quite understand where the last 3 months have gone either but what we are excited about is all the lovely engagement shoots that will be taking place during the next two months. We are starting the engagement shoot season off with this picturesque French countryside engagement shoot captured by Priscillia Hervier.

What better place for a breathtaking pre-wedding shoot than the rugged French countryside. Today’s shoot has reminded us of the beauty of a rugged back drop. We often see city engagement shoots but this shoot feels raw and full of emotion. Our focus is heavily on the love this gorgeous pair share and it’s beautiful to witness with a picturesque backdrop for perfect measure.

Are you planning your engagement shoot? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below. For now though we will pass you over to Priscillia who will be walking us through today’s countryside engagement shoot…Picturesque Countryside Engagement Shoot French CountrysideThe end of 2016 for me was a time of reflection on my work expectations. I questioned myself a lot about my priorities, what pleased me, what I really want to show with my art, my photographic desires, so I said to myself “let’s start again!”. New graphic identity, new website and a specialisation into couples and weddings.

To complete my brand-new orientation, I needed a photo session which would stick to what I imagined. The key-words were… couple, sunset, wide scenery and landscapes’ beauty.”Sunset engagement session French Wedding Photographer French Engagement Shoot

“I love taking pictures when the sun is low, right before twilight, the light is so smooth, so bright. It gives softness to a photo and I like how it slips into the hair and plays with the colour range. So, I selected as my spot, the volcanic hill of the Puy de Dôme (Auvergne), close to Clermont-Ferrand. What’s nicer than a stunning view over the volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys, the surrounding towns and a wonderful natural site! Leïla and Loïc were ready to follow me, as my models. They wanted nice photos of them, something different from the traditional selfies, dinner and family pictures that everyone can take. They trusted me to create good memories.”French Landscape Countryside engagement Countryside pre wedding shoot Fun engagement shoot ideas

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“The Pan Domes (the electric rack railway) took us to the top of the Puy de Dôme. First time we experienced it for the three of us! It was so beautiful; the more we climbed the hill, the more the panorama was revealed. When we reached the top, it was perfect!

The mist crowned the towns in the plain of Limagne and the sunlight came through it. The ideal frame for a romantic photography session.”Engagement Photography Black and White Photography Relaxed couple shoot Couple session

“I don’t like leading couples while in session, giving them advice or orders on what they must do, how they must stand… To me, the most important for lovers is being themselves.

Leïla and Loïc were great. I think that when people are in love, there’s this special thing, I can’t describe, happening between two hearts. And there’s no need of something more to feel it.”French Countryside Engagement Shoot Romantic French Engagement Shoot Groom to be shoot Black and White Engagement Pictures

“Being yourself, talking to each other, sharing secrets, walking hands in hands… it’s the best way for me to make a good photo. They were a bit nervous because they didn’t know what to expect. Even if I reassured them by showing some shots on my camera.”Pre wedding shoot French Mountains

“Going back home, I knew I had exactly what I was looking for. This session really reinforced the path I’ve chosen in photography. It was like a revelation. I think that you can feel it watching photos. I am really keen on photography and I need to experience my passion all day long to blossom, like a flower with the sun.

I strongly believe that emotions can guide our work and if someone doesn’t appreciate his work, you can notice it in the art world and especially in photography.”Countryside Engagement Shoot Central France Engagement

“A few days later, I showed Leïla and Loïc their photos in a musical video clip, they confided to me: “we didn’t expect that. Actually, we didn’t really know what pictures you took, how we were going to look like on them. You managed to make us comfortable and we felt confident thanks to you.” “.

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Picturesque French Countryside Engagement Shoot SnapshotPicturesque French Countryside Engagement Shoot Snapshot

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Photographer: Priscillia Hervier



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