DIY Projects: Pate de Fruit Recipe

Happy Sunday afternoon and I have a delightful DIY project Pate de Fruit recipe to share with you today,  ideal as wedding favours, accompaniments to coffee or simply an easy recipe to try something new.

Pate de Fruit from France are soft and delicate fruit squares that are sweet but tart. Often served as petit fours  in restaurants they can also make delectable wedding favours and are very versatile as they can be made in a range of flavours.  This makes them perfect for using up a large quantity of fruit and must have recipe in your recipe book.

I have used blackberries and apples as one of my favourite combinations, they can be made in a wide variety of flavours to make whatever you taste buds desire.

apply and blackberry pate de fruit



750g Blackberries
2 Cooking apples
220g sugar

100g sugar
5 Sachets of Pectin

10 inch square dish or tray lightly greased

sugar for decorating

pate de fruit recipePlace the blackberries and apples in a food processor and blizz until all combined,  pour into a saucepan and add 220g of the sugar.

Heat the fruit/sugar mixture until it starts to boil and then remove from the heat.

french petite fours recipeNow the next part is really up to your personal taste as to whether to leave in the blackberry pips.  If like me you wish to remove them, pass it through a sieve to remove all lumps and pips.

blackberry and apple pate de fruitpates de fruit recipeYou should be left with a clear and silky blackberry and apply liquid that can be added to a saucepan.  Depending on how long you took to sieve the mixture, put it back onto the heat until just before boiling.

Combine the pectin sachets and 100g sugar together and once near boiling add into the mixture before removing from the heat.

Put into the prepared tin and allow to cool at room temperature.

Once cooled cover and place in the refrigerator overnight until set.

Once set cut them into small squares and then roll them in sugar and your done!

apply and blackberry pate de fruit

They last 2-3 days when stored in the refrigerator to be served as a petit fours, as bar of a DIY dessert bar or as wedding favours.

Bon Appetit

Monique xx

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