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It is the first full week of April and I feel that there is a Spring vibe in the air, which always make me think of Paris as our wedding anniversary is in April and for our first anniversary we headed to Paris to celebrate.  With the capital of romance in mind, today I am delighted open the doors to The Study and introduce you to Paris photographer Pierre Torset.

Pierre is based in Paris and  as well as speaking his native tongue of French is also fluent in English and Spanish.  I managed to catch up with Pierre during a break in his busy schedule, so welcome to the blog Pierre Torset.

How did you become involved in photography?

It all started when my Dad gave me a camera as a gift. At that time I was studying tourism and I was involved in environmental projects. As I had access to natural and beautiful protected areas in some remote parts of the world like Mongolia or Argentina, it was a great chance to take pictures of these places. It didn’t take long until photography became my passion.

 French destination wedding

A few years later when I was travel ling I met by chance two photo editors of a Chinese travel magazine. We chatted a bit – and they offered me my first photography jobs to take pictures in China for their magazine. That gave me the confidence that I would be able to become  a professional photographer and make a living out of it. I started with photojournalism, traveled a lot mainly in Asia and worked for Newspapers, NGO’s or tourism boards.

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Places to get married in Paris

Then once a couple contacted me asking if I could cover their wedding. That was surprising, as I did not have a single wedding picture on my page at that time. The couple said that they liked my powerful and candid pictures, and I was curious about covering a wedding – so we gave it a shot and I loved it at once! As a wedding photographer you get the chance to tell a great story about an important moment in a couple’s life, about two people – and of course about love! With one thing granted: lots of emotions every time!

Wedding at Eiffel Tower

What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous photographer to accurately record someone’s day?

First of all: You need to master your camera. By covering a wedding you have to switch quickly between indoor and outdoor shots for example and adapt to it. The technical skills are absolutely crucial. And you have to understand light and play with it to enhance the emotion of the day reflected in your pictures.

blacktie wedding in Paris

Moreover you have to anticipate the flow of the day, because when something is about to happen you have to be there already to take it into pictures. You need to observe very well, you need to be flexible – and a little experience is helping as well.

luxury and chic wedding in Paris

And last but not least: Every couple is different and has different expectations for their wedding day. You need to be able to connect to them and to make them feel at ease on a day that will trigger a lot of emotions for them. I love that you meet different people all the time –  it is never the same!

Wedding portraits against beautiful door in Paris

What type and style do your brides often have?

That can vary a lot: From the classy and elegant bride who is eloping in a five star hotel in Paris with all the luxury that comes with it to the creative and casual bride who is organizing a wedding with a lot of DIY-elements in a chateau in the middle of the French countryside.

bridal portraits in ParisParis wedding photographer

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

The general approach is the same: I meet up with the couple and we have some detailed conversations before the wedding day. Like that I get a feeling of what they are looking for. The difference with a destination couple is of course the distance that comes often with a large time difference. So you have to rely on Skype or phone calls instead of face to face meetings. Their expectations can differ from domestic couples: Destination couples are often keen to elopements with intimate ceremonies accompanied with a photo session in Paris.

French wedding photography

What is your favorite part of the photography process for a couple getting married in France?

I have two favorites: I love the getting ready, because this moment is a very intimate one. Bride and groom are preparing for a life-changing day and you feel how much is going on inside of them: Nervousness, excitement, anticipation – it is a moment full of suspense!

Chateau weddingwedding at Eiffel Tower Paris

And I love the ceremony because it is the climax of the day. Even after all the weddings I shot the ceremony is still a moment where it can be hard for me to stay cool and distanced. Even more when the bride and groom are exchanging their personal vows. This is often the case with elopement ceremonies where it can be only bride and groom. That feels very immediate and touching.

Paris Photographerwedding in public gardens in Paris

 What is the best thing about being a photographer

It means party every weekend! 😉 Just kidding, to be serious: As a wedding photographer I am surrounded with happy people all the time and they share with me their once in a lifetime moment. That is very fulfilling and sets a lot of energy free!

wedding photo session in Pariselope to Paris

Tell me about the services of Pierre Torset.

My company Paris Photographer Pierre Torset covers events like weddings, elopements, vow renewals or proposals. I am also offering engagement, honeymoon or pre-wedding photo sessions in Paris as well as photo shots with the whole family, friends traveling together, quinceaneras or individuals in Paris.

chic elopement in Paris

My style is based on my experiences I made in photojournalism and has many reportage elements – that means during a wedding I mainly follow the flow instead of intervening too much. Like that my pictures tell the story of the wedding day. But it is important as well to have a good mix between candid pictures and some more elegantly posed couple pictures to round it up.

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View more of Pierre’s wedding photography in Paris and email him to find about availability and prices for your wedding in France.

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