New Year’s Resolutions for French Wedding Style

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Happy New Year!!!! I hope that you all had wonderful celebrations last night and there are not too many fragile souls, but don’t forget there’s invaluable advice here if you need to look glamorous today.

I am a planner and the start of the year is a wonderful opportunity to start with a fresh outlook, clean slate and hit the ground running to make 2015 a fabulous year. Some of the tools that I use for planning include Mi Goals book and Lara Casey Powersheets, after all if you write your goals down and review, they are more likely to happen!

I have written down goals for years and it is easy to keep them private, but as so many of my goals are facilitated by the wonderful community of readers, suppliers and friends here at French Wedding Style, I wanted to be brave and share them with you.

But before I start, I can never express the joy that I feel, to be a part of the growing French Wedding community. We are so pleased that 3 years after starting our blog, we are still here blogging away and watching the community continue to grow and spread the word of fabulous French weddings.  My heartfelt thanks go out to you all, for all of the support and love that you’ve shown over the past 3 years.

After all, you all are an inspiration to us, from your emails regarding your wedding day to meeting fabulous new suppliers. Without you, your wonderful weddings and your passion for weddings in France, French Wedding Style would not be the success it is today.

So here are my goals as they stand for 2015, with a mix of business and pleasure:

1. Grow the French Wedding Style Team – I started the blog back in 2011 with an idea, with the help of Mr Trulove to build the blog and with a lot of hours sat at the computer. Since then, as well as the main blog we now also have The French Wedding Directory to assist brides looking for vendors for their wedding in France and also the French Wedding Academy – a boutique business resource for wedding suppliers in France. In the Autumn we took on our first new member of the team – Intern Fiona – who has been a true blessing.

However with more ideas, projects and exciting developments to work on, I feel that the time is right that the FWS Team needs to grow.  There will be more on this shortly on the blog, but I am looking for like minded people who share a passion for French weddings to join the team.  These fabulous FWS people can be based anywhere in the world and I am especially interested in people residing in France, London or South East UK, New York and Australia.  As I said, more on this coming soon – but if you are jumping at the chance to be apart of FWS Team, seize the day and email me .

2. Continual Business Evolution – it may sound fancy but in fact it is really basic; I want the business to continue to evolve throughout 2015.  Like anything in life, business can become stagnant if a catalyst for change is not applied regularly.

One of my goals to enable the business to continue to evolve is by becoming my own catalyst, through a commitment to my continual learning, as a creative and as a entrepreneur. So one example is that during 2014 I started my online photography course, which I am to finish in the next couple of months. This is teaching me all about the mechanics of photography as well as issue with light, which will in turn only aid to provide greater knowledge for styled shoots, and improve my instagram images!

Two other areas where I want to learn new skills is in graphic design, so that I can make better use of my shinning iMac and also flower arranging. I will be on the look out for many different courses, distance learning and book recommendations during 2015, so let me know if you have any that I must know about.

3. More Styling – Back in 2013 I had a goal of styling one shoot with the aim of raising awareness internationally of France as a destination wedding location. Never doing this before, I set about finding the best creatives to work with and established TeamAmour, a Creative Collective working on styled shoots throughout France. So on a mild March weekend we all headed over to the stunning Chateau Challain and completed 3 shoots in 2 days (rather ambitious).

I had that tingly feeling that we had created something special and before we knew it the shoots had been featured on JuneBug Weddings, Wedding Chicks, Burnetts Boards and Belle and Chic! Thriving on this, I set about the 2nd TeamAmour shoot that took place at Belfonds in the beautiful Provençal countryside, pushing myself and the creative concept further and creating something that the whole team were super proud off. And we were not the only ones loving this work, as another goal was achieved with the work being featured on one of the founding wedding blogs – Style Me Pretty!

Whilst the styled shoots began to be featured and received increased recognition, I started to receive many emails from wonderful creatives looking to collaborate on projects. So in 2015 I will be looking to collaborate on more styled shoots across France and French styled shoots in the UK, and working on promotional styling projects for innovative creatives and venues.

4. Travel & Living – This is a goal that is a little bit professional and personal. I have been delighted to visit France 4 times in 2014 all whilst working on wonderful features for the blog. However in all 4 trips, there have been only 2 days that were R&R days whilst in Annecy and that wasn’t quite enough time to explore.

So in 2015 traveling has moved up the agenda of goals. I am looking to visit more places in France, meet more wonderful suppliers and brides, but also with an aim of finding a spot to call home in France for at least 1 month. It is all rather exciting looking and deciding on where I would want to set up a base for 1 month, potentially during April/May. This will give me a chance to, on a temporary basis, complete a goal of living abroad and means that I will be able to explore a region, it’s wonderful suppliers, it’s beautiful venues and its fabulous wedding scene in more depth.

There is also another goal tied to travel, of visiting at least 2 other countries in 2015, outside of France.

5. Workshops & Events – Being a blogger can be very isolating; just my computer, cats and I! 2014 was a chance for me to spread my wings a bit further and attend more events, such as the Wedding Blog Awards where we came 2nd to Style Me Pretty and Rendez-Vous in Paris wedding exhibition.

During 2015 I am looking to attend more workshops, to connect with like minded creatives that share my passion for French weddings. Be sure to check Facebook and Google Plus for any announcements.

6. Monthly Brunch – bare with me on this one! Those avid followers will know that during 2014 Hubby and I purchased a 1960s renovation project house, complete with original 60s wall paper. It has been a journey as we unravel the mysteries and quirks behind the house, deal with wood worm, broken heating in December and years of wall paper to remove. As the house moves along in renovations, in 2015 we will be tackling the kitchen and dining room, which currently has a very small yellow Formica, original 60s kitchen installed.

This is where the renovation ties up with goals, which is influenced by reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive – looking at the 3rd Metric of Success. Goals and success are not only money and power based, so once the kitchen is completed and I can find a vintage French industrial work bench, I want to set up a monthly Sunday brunch club with family and friends. Brunch is a chance for everyone to relax, catch up over wonderful coffee, waffles, croissants, Eggs Benedict and Mimosas. I have set a goal of 2nd weekend in August and I will be sure to post an instagram picture during the first Brunch!

7. New clients – one of the big achievements in 2014 was launching the French Wedding Academy, a boutique resource for wedding companies working in French weddings. As a veteran marketing professional before starting the blog, I wanted to share my experience with wonderful creatives, to help grow their brands and achieve their business and personal goals.

I was overjoyed with the support that the Academy received and immediately started working with some wonderful clients, but aimed to keep the client list small and exclusive. You know who you are and it has been a joy to work with you during 2014.

Whilst I continue to work with the existing Academy clients, I am looking to expand the portfolio with another 2 clients providing ongoing marketing support during 2015. Clients come from a variety of sectors including photographers, bridal accessory designers, planners and wedding venues and I can’t wait to get started on some new projects.

Well, that’s all for now! But you never know maybe a mid year review is in order to see where I am.

I hope that everyone reading this, has a wonderful 2015 planned and if you feel like sharing your goals, I would be delighted to read about them in the comments below.

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Image courtesy of Rebecca Douglas Photography


  • What an inspiring post!! You’ve got me fired up to write down some goals now 🙂 it’s been such a treat working with you in 2014 and I’m excited about our 2015 adventures x

  • Happy New Year Monique and Mr T! This post is absolutely perfect to read this morning and how wonderful you have shared your journey with FWS readers and aspirations for 2015. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on the two Team Amour projects and how wonderful my year has been. Being inspired, encouraged and supported by you in 2014 had been amazing!
    Wishing you a successful and happy 2015
    Much love
    V x

    • Thank you V for the lovely message and it has been wonderful working with you on 3 French shoots last year. You were truly brave in 2014 with your adventures and I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes you.
      Monique xx

  • What a fabulous post. Love reading your goals especially as I’m writing mine currently ! I love your ambitions and visions.

    It been a joy working with you as part of Team Amour and I look forward to sharing more adventures this year.
    Happy new year


  • Fab post Monique, great to see an inspirational post. I love how much of what you want to achieve includes growing with those near you, as well as developing your business and yourself. It will be great to watch you! Jay xx

  • Hi Monique and Happy New Year,

    It’s lovely to read your plans for 2015. It’s lovely to hear such positivity. It’s all going from strength to strength. Well done.

    I’m also feeling positive and looking forward to an exciting year, so it’s great to hear from others that are feeling the same way.

    Here’s to a great 2015 for everyone.
    Kind regards

  • So wonderful to connect with so many dynamic souls that are looking to define and create their own version of a successful life.

    Positive love and support to all of you
    Monique xx