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Hello and firstly an apology for the lack of posts over the last couple of days and bringing you this piece about me, in behind the blogger.   Unfortunately someone decided to hack my beautiful blog and messed up some of the back-end geeky bits.  Now I am a little bit of a geek, but I am very lucky that my hubby is a gorgeous geek guru and has spent the last couple of days sorting it out.

These couple of days apart from the colourful language has also given me a chance for more research and a chance to reflect. My realisation is that it is time for me and my readers to get to know each other better.

Given the industry that I love and write about, my name Monique Trulove would be a pure stroke of foresight and genius by my parents.  Unfortunately it is not my birth name but a pseudonym or pen name that I write under.  My intention is not to deceive, but while writing under alter ego Monique I am able to let my creative ideas run free without constraint.  The same principle applies to Beyonce who appears on stage as Sasha Fierce, to give herself the confidence to perform in a way that would be outside her normal characteristics.

So how did French Wedding Style get started?

Monique Trulove - behind the bloggerIn the real world a friend of mine started to plan her french wedding and asked for my help.  Now my husband, 2 cats and I are based in the UK but have ties with France (trying not to give too much away to those detective types) and travel to the country that has my heart as often as possible.

So my friend and I started researching and found many wonderful English destination wedding blogs, who would feature France every 2 months or so, which proved a long inspiration process.  So I started compiling all my research and ideas and it was my gorgeous hubby who put the seed into my head about writing my own french inspired wedding and style blog.

Now nothing happened for a while as I am also employed part time and self employed, although the idea kept coming back to the front of my mind.  So this summer 2011 over a lovely bottle of red, my hubby and I started discussing the blog and how with my other commitments it could potentially work.  Through the vin rouge induced haze Monique was born, a plan was devised and French Wedding Style – the french wedding inspiration and style blog – launched at the beginning of October.

The blog will include posts written and based in France during my travels, but I dream that maybe one day the majority of the blog would come to you from my home in the South of France.

I look forward to finding out more about you and would love to hear from you if there is any additional content that you would like to see.

Monique x x

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  • Hi Monique
    we love France to and came here 6 years ago having spent many years here in the 1980’s when much, younger and with small children. If one is a Francophile then it is difficult to resist its siren call and so ….
    We bought Chateau de Fayolle as a dream project with no intention of hosting weddings but the suggestion by a friend that the place should be shared seemed so right and what a lovely way to spend some time than organising and planning lovely peoples weddings.
    Your blog is lovely so keep writing.

  • Glad I found this site and hope to read many more of your blogs. My mother lives on an island off the west coast of France called Ile de Re. She is an American but fell in love with a Frenchman many years ago. She owns a great cafe on the island called Cafe du Commerce in Ars. Are you familiar with the area?

  • So glad to have found your blog, Im getting married in France next year at a Chateau near combourg. Will be keeping up to date with your blog to help me along:-)

  • Hello Monique,

    I absolutely love your blog! We are an English couple getting married in Provence next June and the blog is fab for inspiration and tips. I love anything French anyway so I’m sure I’ll be following you for a long time after we get married!
    Keep up the good work

    Sam xx

  • Hi Monique

    J’adore votre blog! I am a London based wedding photographer who travels to France and Europe for weddings. I also have ties to France and go back regularly, so is somewhere I am focusing on in terms of providing photography. I adore everything French too and think that the warmer weather, the gorgeous chateaus and beautiful little streets, the local quality food and abundance of great wine and champagne makes France the most perfect of countries to have your wedding. Lucky brides to be who have made the decision to get married in France, and sante to you for giving us a place to come and admire, swoon over and get inspired by weddings in France.