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Bonjour Trulovers! I often feel that videographer/ cinematography or as it is sometimes just referred to as wedding films, are often under sung heroes at a wedding day.  Due to the nature of the work, there isn’t the beautiful photographers shots to post as sneak peaks and the majority of their work is deeply personal.  After all their role is to capture the living memories of the wedding day.

So it is a pleasure to showcase one of these cinematic heroes in the next in our Meet the Experts series, as I am delighted to introduce MICKAFilms. Mickael the created of MICKAFilms has a different background than most, starting off as a wine export manager in Bordeaux, before following his creative calling for cinematography.

So without further ado, let me introduce MICKAFilms and be sure to watch their wonderful videos:

My name is Mickael and I have to say being a wedding videographer in France is not very easy. I started being a wedding videographer as a challenge. I wanted to show to all brides & grooms that it was possible to make a real film out of a wedding day. I knew it was difficult because of the bad prejudice on wedding film in general, but I loved the idea of this challenge, and I wanted to show what I could do, make cinema on a wedding day on a documentary style.

French Wedding Style – Photography © MICKAFilms

What makes a fabulous wedding photographer, what I am going to say is something not very original – but  believe in yourself.  Being able to believe in your own style, in your own vision, in your own way to see the world. According to me, it is a great quality.

As a wine export manager in a french wine merchant company in Bordeaux, I travelled and lived in Ireland, Spain and England. But I always had in mind something else…something much more creative, something with images… When I was younger (from 8 or 10 years old to the age of 25) I used to draw a lot, and I was doing comics and I was telling stories. Then I bought my very first camera at the age of 20 (put all my money into a brand new Mini dv video camera) and started filming all the time, everywhere..this is back in 2001. Then I started with friends making some short films, some documentaries on local people. And in 2010 I started my own business in weddings and corporate films , and I said good bye to wine business.

Image and stories had always been somewhere in my mind. And today, I’m proud to be able to tell all these wonderful stories with my camera.

I shoot weddings every where. I have shot in France, Italy, Turkey, Marrocco, and Japan. I love to shoot everywhere, in places I don’t know… it is just inspiring.

I really love to shoot destination weddings, with foreign couples. The very first time I shot and American/Irish wedding nearby Bordeaux in a wonderful château, it was like shooting abroad, but 20km from home. Very nice.

Of course, it is more difficult to meet and create an exchange with destination wedding couples, but with internet, skype, things are very easy.


There is no favourite moment for me on the wedding day. I love the mornings…before everything start…I love to stay around, take some shots expecting something to happen…to tell the story of the day. I love the getting ready…when serious stuff is about to happen. The ceremony is the very important part, maybe I feel like a rock star or an artist just before he goes on stage. The difference with me is that my audience is watching the film a different day… I really love the moment right after the ceremony,… I feel of the important moments of the day is done… and it makes it much easier for the rest of the day.

My funniest moments usually come after the weddings, during the edit. I wouldn’t be able to tell a funny moment right here, but I have to say that I have some really good time during the weddings and after the weddings during the edit.

The best thing about being a wedding videographer?  We are witnesses of fabulous moment, and so important moments in the couple lives. I feel honored and proud to be witnessing and making a film out of these wonderful moments. Now I start to realize that my films will stay forever in the couples lives, and might still be watched in 10, 20 or 40 years from now.

I shoot alone. When people hire my services, they hire a way to see the world, this is the main added value of MICKAFilms. I’m present from the morning to the first dance. I make a short and a long film, and I tell the story of that very special day, on a documentary style.

I use real moments, with the sound, I like to be able to hear what people say (speech, vows, … stolen moments during the day, all these moments are enhanced by the wonderful images taken with my camera, and the music répertoire I use.

I don’t make video clips – I tell stories, I make cinema.

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To find out more about MICKAFilms and the services that they can offer you for your wedding day, be sure to visit their social media channels below.

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