Marriage Musings with Mademoiselle Slimalicious: Visting France

I have a wonderful second blog post for you today, I introduced you to her a few weeks ago as one of our new Belle Brides and this is the first in her monthly posts – Marriage Musings with Mademoiselle Slimalicious!

Mademoiselle Slimalicious aka Cyndie is a lady of some serious talents, not only does she run her lifestyle blog inspired by French culture, she also has a new business Europe in a Box (be sure to check it out) plus has a regular full time job and planning her wedding, phew!

So let’s catch up with Cyndie and find out how her wedding planning journey is going.


Cyndie: “I couldn’t be more excited: I’m flying to France, my home country, on Friday.  I haven’t been home for two and a half years! This time is even more special as I will finally start my wedding planning!

marriage musings - planning a wedding in Carcassonne

Cyndie’s home city of Carcassonne

Source: Visit France

We will be in France for a total of three weeks. To my advantage, I work as a Project Manager so planning is something I have had to master through my job.

My friends describe me as a ‘very organised’ and ‘time efficient’ person, two qualities that should help me make the most of my three weeks back home – well I hope!

Chateau des Ducs de Joyeuses

Potential wedding venue: Chateau des Ducs de Joyeuses

On the agenda for our holidays:

  • Belated engagement lunch at my parents with extended family (about 30 people).
  •  Ask my sister to be my wedding witness (I’ll write more about this in my next post! Stay tuned!)
  •  Visit half a dozen of wedding venues.
  •  Appointment with our local priest.
  • Obtain a Certificate of non-Impediment from the Australian Embassy in Paris, for my fiancé.
  • Discuss wine and champagne options (ideally with tasting sessions!).

Attending a friend’s wedding
We are also going to one of my best friends’ wedding in Montpellier which will be a fantastic opportunity for Chris to experience a French wedding before his own!


Source: Créme de Languedoc

It will also give me the chance to catch up on trends and customs. I have not been to many weddings in France before, or only when I was a child, and after seven years of expatriation, my expectations of a wedding have become very ‘Anglo-Saxon’. It’s been great to follow my friend’s wedding preparation over the last year, mostly via Pinterest due to the distance between us.

French language practice for my fiancé
Chris is also looking forward to practise his French. He has been taking classes at the Alliance Francaise in Sydney twice a week since January and has progressed a lot. I’m sure my parents will be very proud of him as they don’t speak English and really do appreciate the efforts he is making to be able to communicate with them.

We are planning to visit a French language school in Carcassonne, near where my parents live, as Chris would like to take intensive classes a month before the big day next year!

The next few weeks promise to be very busy and rich in emotions. I will make sure to take plenty of photos to share with you in my next post!!”


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