Marriage Musings with Mademoiselle Slimalicious: First Dance

It’s a New Year which means that it is officially the year that Belle Bride Cyndie gets married!  Whilst the wedding day is still a little way off, be sure to catch up on real brides Cyndie’s wedding planning journey so far and find out what has been happening over the festive period as Cyndie and Chris takes steps to ensuring their perfect first dance.

If you are planning your wedding in France for 2014/2015 be sure to keep your eyes on the blog in the next couple of weeks as I will be looking for more real brides to come and join Cyndie and Cassie in sharing their wedding planning journey.

Time to catch up with Cyndie!


mademoiselle slimiliciousCyndie: “When it comes to our wedding first dance Chris and I have a couple of challenges to face.

  1. Chris is significantly taller than me (193 cm Vs. 156 cm).
  2. We are both not very good dancers!

Private dance lessons are unfortunately not within our budget so we started group ballroom dance classes about six weeks ago. We attend the lesson once a week for one hour…And let me be honest with you, we are struggling!

So far we’ve tried our hands – or I shall say ‘our feet’ – at Quick Steps, Tango and Waltz. While all three are very different type of dance, they have the commonality to appear extremely difficult to us! Especially the turning steps.

Chris says it openly, he doesn’t like dancing. For my part, I’ve never been a sporty or coordinated person. While I enjoy an occasional Zumba class, when it comes to ballroom dancing, I have no experience. Add to that 37 centimetres height difference between us and voila! A pleasant moment can turn into a very stressful hopping mess on a wooden floor!

tango wedding first danceSource: Christina Esteban Photography

Believe it or not, at this stage we’ve found that Argentinian Tango is what suits us best. Oh, hold on, I’m not saying it is easy to learn Tango, I’m simply saying it is maybe not quite as difficult as the other dances we’ve experimented. Plus Tango is fun! We might as well enjoy ourselves a little while we are at it. I imagine myself gliding across the floor in my new husband’s arms to romantic and fiery tango music on our big day, a red rose between my teeth! (Okay, maybe not).

tango wedding cake topperWe have a few months ahead of us to learn and improve. I’m confident we will be fine. Chris is not as sure (he is a perfectionist you see). With the wedding dress nobody will see my feet/legs anyway. We could improvise steps, most guests wouldn’t know, right?!

Well I like to think that way, it helps me keep calm.

The next challenge might be to choose a song that we both love and connect with.  We were told that a song with a good beat would also help us to hear and dance to the music, especially because we are new to dancing.

Let’s keep practising for now!”


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