Stunning macaron dress!

Yes it is Saturday and you might be tired after a busy week, but no you didn’t read that wrong – I did indeed say a stunning macaron dress!

Fresh from the National Wedding Show in the UK, I saw this stunning macaron wedding dress creation from the team at Ganache Macaron and just had to find out more about it.

macaron dress

Audrey and Paul are the creative forces behind Ganache Macaron. They started the artisan macaron boutique after having professionally trained in French Patisserie.  Drawn to macarons for their delicate beauty and distinct texture, Audrey and Paul were surprised by the lack options available on the UK market. Ganache Macaron’s goal is to bring a unique spin on the traditional Macaron by creating vibrant and wacky flavours alongside a more classic range.

I interviewed Audrey to find out more about the stunning creation.

Audrey:  “At Ganache Macaron we are always doing bigger and better things with the macaron.  For the national wedding show we wanted to create a bespoke macaron wedding dress inspired by French design.  We chose to design it after the iconic French Queen, Marie Antoinette.  We wanted the dress to reflect the indulgence and gluttony of the 18th century French aristocracy.  We also took inspiration from the lush and detailed wardrobe of Marie Antoinette; our dress had to be up to the standards of her wardrobe!

macaron dress process

The dress took over 600 hours to create,  working on it over span of two months. It took over 9,000 macaron shells to create the dress.  The sizes of the shells range from 0.5cm, at the smallest, to 3.5cm at the largest. The dress is also covered in about 450 handmade sugar paste roses.

The dress was made in collaboration with Tasha Krestova.  From our initial idea of the dress, Tasha was able to draw us a sketch.  Then we made the frame for the dress, which we attached to a lovely vintage mannequin.  The frame is made of wood, strips of aluminum, and steel corset boning. Once the metal frame was attached and secured, it was covered in damask, lace and calico fabric to make a base that we could add the macarons to. 

green white macarons

If we were making a piece that was meant to be eaten, we would then add a layer of sugar paste to hold the macarons in place, but since this is a show piece and not meant to be eaten, we pasted the macaron shells straight onto the fabric.  After the frame was ready, we made macarons in two different shades to complement each other.  We made the macarons in 0.5cm, 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, and 3.5cm sizes to add to the detail of the pattern. 

Each macaron pattern was laid out before being added to the dress to increase the accuracy of the pattern.  We then added the handmade sugar paste roses to the dress for some more detail.

giant macaron tower

The macaron wedding dress is the largest piece that we have made to date, but we are always looking for another artistic project which allows us to push ourselves and the macaron even further!  We enjoy showing our creativity through our macarons. 

We have created various macaron towers, some containing over 1500 macarons, in different colours, flavours, and with unique sugar designs (such as sugar paste flowers and sugar mosaics). Our bespoke flavours are works of art within themselves.  We work hard until each flavor is perfect: from popcorn, to mojito, to earl grey, to pb&j, to our most popular flavour: fleur de sel (salted caramel).

red macaron cake with roses

For weddings we offer bespoke macaron creations and macaron cakes (like our macaron wedding dress) which can be anything you want them to be.  We enjoy a challenge and will create or cover almost anything in macarons!

To find out more about the macaron creations by Ganache Macaron visit

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