Lily of the Valley Wedding Inspiration – Muguet May celebration

Today is the 1st of May and I am handing straight over to Fabienne Slater from Elian Concept Weddings & Events for a guest post about the muguet tradition in France on 1st May and Lily of the Valley Wedding Inspiration.


Lily of the valley – they are all about happiness: a perfect fit for weddings.

There is a lovely tradition in France, which is to offer a sprig of lily of the valley (it’s called ‘muguet’ in French) on the 1st of May to wish your loved ones happiness and luck.

lily of the valley

It is a very old custom, said to date back to the 1st of May 1561 when the then king of France Charles IX was offered a lily of the valley and charmed by the gesture started to give one out each year to the ladies of his court.

The delicate bell shape flowers, a symbol of springtime, are not only pretty but give off an exquisite fragrance which has been, and still is, a favourite of great perfumers (Christian Dior, Coty, Guerlain etc.).

Coty parfum muguet des boisSource

No wonder that its prettiness and symbolism have made it perfect for weddings and a timeless choice for celebrity brides across the years. Jacky Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and more recently Kate Middleton, have walked down the aisle with a graceful lily of the valley bouquet.

audrey hepburn lily of the valleySource

A simple bouquet of lily of the valley is elegant and refined and not as strict as more composed bouquets. Whilst it could be seen as quite formal because of its famous brides, in fact it perfectly suits relaxed and romantic weddings. However they are expensive and because the flowers are small a lot of sprigs are required to make a striking bridal bouquet. Yet, the appeal of lily of the valley is that they can be skilfully combined with other flowers from the same season, for example peonies, in an all-white bouquet or in a mix of pastel or soft colours.

lily of the valley wedding flowers1 , 2, 3, 4

Single sprigs of lily of the valley make charming buttonholes, can gracefully decorate place settings and be placed in pretty little vases to create amazing table centres.

Lily of the Valley Wedding Inspiration1 Annick Goutal, 2 Azberger, 3 The Knot, 4 Rosalind Miller Cakes, 5 Lucky Duck, 6 Caesars,
7 Rebecca Thuss, 8  Ladurèe, 9 Mariage Frères, 10 79 Ideas, 11 Oscar De La Renta

They are often seen combined with shades of green and whilst the effect is delicate and elegant, it does not have to be the only option as the following inspiration board demonstrates. Lily of the valley looks gorgeous with other flowers and with other colour schemes. As a matter of fact, this fascinating little flower can also be found in pink.

pink lily of the valley wedding ideas1 Kneen & Co, 2 Flower Design Events, 3 Button Hole and Corsage, 4 Nouvelles,
5 Designers Guild, 6 BHG, 7 George Mackay Flowers, 8 DK Designs, 9 Blue Bridalwear

I wish you all a lovely 1st of May, with plenty of lily of the valley inspiration and happiness.



Thank you so much to Fabienne at Elian Concept Wedding & Events for the beautiful Lily of the Valley post, I particularly love the fresh and clean white Lily of the Valley cake by Rosalind Miller.

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  • Love lilly of the Valley always reminds me of lovely walks through a local Bluebell wood in spring. Although not much of that going on at the moment with all tis horrible weather we are having. Lilly of the valley would certainly make a very sweet bouqet, with a very lovely scent as well…love it when a Brides bouqet actaully smells lovely too.
    Some very pretty wedding inspirations above indeed 🙂