Let’s celebrate Love!

It is so easy to get caught up in celebrating those big occasions of love, from engagement to wedding and anniversary, but how about just celebrating the journey of love? That’s exactly what this romantic french couple decided to do, celebrate love and have it captured on camera by the talented Juliane Berry.

Juliane takes the couple on a romantic trip through the beautiful scenery and architecture of Paris including the Pont des Arts and the Paris Skyline.  Photographed in black and white, the pictures have a chic feel encapsulating the essence of Paris.

Paris photographer

pont des arts imagephotoshoot Parisparisian photo shoot

juliane berry photographerjuliane berry photographyphotographer Parisamerican photographer Parisenglish speaking photographer Parisparis love photo shootAs a discussion point how do you celebrate the journey of being in love?

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  • If we could only move Paris to different points around the world, we would have many happy brides! I love the style of the Photographer, Julaine and I am particularly fond of black & white and sepia photography. You tend to focus on the couple as the main eye content of the picture and the scenery is secondary. Nice work and thank you.