Leila Hafzi 2014 Flying Silk Bridal Collection

Happy Saturday readers!  If you are heading to the shops to do some bridal wear shopping, then please take a moment to view the latest Leila Hafzi 2014 collection Flying Silk first.

I have been a fab of Leila’s sustainable bridal wear work for quiet some time, featuring her first on the blog back at the start of last year with her boho inspired collection. Her latest bridal collection Flying Silk is a line of innovative bridal dresses and evening gowns for a dramatic yet elegant look. The classic fabrics are lovingly woven and tailored into uniquely delicate creations with exciting new textures appearing in the form of hand-made silk rosettes.

French Wedding Style – Photographer Erik Almås for Leila Hafzi
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Wedding Dress: Sienna

The inspiration for this collection comes from the mystical geometry and ornate texture of flowers, the epitomy of love and grace.  Inspired by the Nepalese countryside and landscape that Leila Hafzi visited 16 years ago, using artisan hand-painting techniques and intricate embellishment, the floral theme has been translated into these sublime dresses.

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Wedding Dress: Athena

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Wedding Dress: Athena

leila hafzi wedding dress

Wedding Dress: Rose

leila hafzi bridal wear

Wedding Dress: Valentina

leila hafzi bridalwear

Wedding Dress: Olava

ethereal wedding dress

Wedding Dress: Embla

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Wedding Dress: Jade

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Wedding Dress: Pia

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Wedding Dress: Suzanna

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Dress: Penelope

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Dress: Sienna

In order to capture the feeling of bliss that bound Leila Hafzi to dedicate her life to creating high end design in Nepal, she returned to the very sites that inspired her at the beginning of her journey.

Leila Hafzi on creating the shoot:”As I dreamt and drew my first collection in Nepal back in 1997 I hoped against hope that someday could merge the beautiful backdrops that inspired me with a collection based on local artisan crafts and the luxurious textile traditions of the Far East. The dream I had then finally came true with the pictures we shot for the Flying Silk Collection.

As part of my very first trip to Nepal, I explored crafts, fabrics, ecology, the landscape and people of Nepal for 3 months. One of the most vivid memories I have is the reflections from the Pokhara Lake, where many of the images here were shot. I remember the magical moments exploring the Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, peacefully sketching designs in the small boat on the Pokhara and sitting on the hilltop of Sarangkot overlooking the same lake. Here the vision of the brand LEILA HAFZI came to life: “I will give myself 15 years to achieve my mission of transforming Nepalese crafts skills into high-end fashion, along with inspiring the fashion industry to embrace sustainable change.

I knew that the name of the collection would come to me during our trip but did not expect it to happen in such a magical moment. At the first mountain-site we were based in the most beautiful eco-farm: Small houses and smiling, helpful locals. We fell in love with the elder couple living there and caring for their fields in a manner most Western people associate with pre-industrial farming. On the set while shooting the floating and romantic dress on Sarah, the model, we decorated a small village table (the family’s food preparation table from their kitchen) with wedding symbols from the many cultures I travel between.

 A village celebration offered the opportunity to cast 30 locals wearing their finest saris, joyfully clapping and singing around our village bride: “Risham firiri, Risham firiri” and so on the collection magically had a name: Risham Firiri or Flying Silk.

Find out more information at www.leila-hafzi.com

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