The key to a successful wedding is love from Paris Bride

However much I write about weddings, the title of today’s post is something that all brides should keep in mind when wedding planning, the key to a successful wedding really is love!

That is exactly what Lucile and Vincent did when they were planning their dream wedding, making sure both of their ideas were incorporated into the wedding planning. The result was their brightly coloured, authentic and romantic wedding that started in Paris and ended with a fun and colourful wedding reception.

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Bride Lucile takes us through their special day, including 3 locations: “The day started at full speed ! We had spent the night before with our own families and I had gone to bed very late (at around 4 a.m)… Waking up at 7:30 was very hard, so I was late at the hairdresser’s. Consequently I was late at other moments in the day but it all happened with cheerfulness and good mood, especially when my make-up was being done or when I got dressed, with my two best friends around.

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We were supposed to start the photo session at 11 o’clock, near the Seine embankments, because a “limo” boat was waiting for us. After some changes in our schedule (Vincent waited for me during one hour and a half), we were ready to make the most of this beautiful day.

paris wedding french weddingparis wedding river seine

The boat was splendid, the drivers waited on us hand and foot and the weather was perfect. We sailed on the Seine, a glass of champagne in our hand, more in love than we ever were. We saw the famous bridges of Paris, the “Pont Neuf”, the “Passerelle des Arts” (a real symbol since it is known as the Bridge of Lovers) ; we also admired the most beautiful monuments such as Notre-Dame and the Town Hall.

paris wedding paris weddingfreddy fremond river weddingfreddy fremond couple in love

We felt as if we were alone in the world. It was the most romantic and peaceful moment of the day. The pedestrians greeted and congratulated us. It was touching and funny at the same time to see that even strangers shared our happiness.

freddy fremond river limousinfreddy fremond wedding francefreddy fremond newlywedsfreddy fremond paris river

After the boat trip, we wanted to make some photos on the “Pont Alexandre III” (my favourite Parisian bridge) and Freddy, our photographer, managed to get these enchanted moments…

paris wedding celebrationsfreddy fremond Divina Sposa

It was time to leave Paris to go back to our town, in Seine et Marne, to live the ceremonies with our families. We were late but with serendipity, the lateness was caught up and we were right on time for the celebration of the wedding by the mayor of Villeneuve le Comte.

freddy fremond Villeneuvele Comte

At first I was not stressed out, but when I saw my parents in front of the town hall, I felt a rush of emotions… When we finally got on “stage”, we were both very moved and at that moment, we thought : “Here we are, at last !”

freddy fremond wedding ceremonyfrancefreddy fremond rustic wedding

After the civil ceremony, we went to the church, which was opposite the town hall. We really appreciate this 12th century church, which is a registered historic monument. Vincent’s mother had made the flower arrangements on the chairs and I had thoroughly prepared the booklets for the ceremony, helped by a friend. It had been a titanic task but it was all harmonious in the end.

father walking daughter down aisle

When I came into the church, I was so happy to be by my father’s side that I didn’t know where to fix my gaze on. I felt I was flying, I was completely lost. The flashes were crackling, everybody was looking at us and the aisle was so narrow that my dress and my father couldn’t move forward at the same time. I kept thinking “I’m going to fall down, I’m going to slip, I’m going to get my dress caught!”. A problem of logistics which amuses us today !

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The ceremony was all tears and laughter, especially when Vincent took the wrong finger during the ring exchange or when the priest called him Christian !

Once the ceremonies, the hugging and kissing and the congratulations were over, it was time to share the cocktail, which had been fully organised by Vincent’s parents.

freddy fremond bentlycarfreddy fremond_ bently paris

Then we sat in a 1957 Bentley, with a glass of champagne, to go to the “Ferme de Champigny”, where the reception took place.

We wanted a coloured, authentic and romantic wedding. That’s why we prepared all the details ourselves, from the reception room to the sugar-coated almonds, including the guestbook, the money-box and the menus. Everything was perfect and we were glad to see our guests so happy ; they really enjoyed the dinner and the place, with its mixed pastel colours.

freddy fremond pastel balloonsfrench wedding setup

The atmosphere was as stunning as the ones of the “Stade de France”, particularly when we came into the reception room on AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”!

wired eiffel tower decorationfreddy fremond wedding cateringmozarella and tomato hedgehog

We had prepared a few surprises for our guests, such as customized place cards or the moment when we came into the room with the members of the high table, accompanied by our witnesses and our closest friends, who didn’t expect that at all.

We had also trained two months long to learn how to dance a waltz (“Golden Brown”, the Stranglers) and when it was time to start : I had forgotten everything ! Fortunately, Vincent guided me and the guests didn’t notice anything !

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Our caterer took care of us all night long ; Regis, our DJ, set fire to the dancefloor : the ambiance was at its height and we went to bed at 6 am, completely exhausted and leaving the keys of the reception room to the last guests.

We have wonderful memories of our wedding day. It was just the way we wanted it to be, the way we had prepared it during a year and a half ; it was joyful, coloured, enchanting and friendly.

The key to a successful wedding is love. We took into account each other’s ideas and we prepared the day together from A to Z ; that was our strength. If we had to do it again, we would do it the same way.”

Phew I am worn out just reading about Lucile and Vincent’s, but the contrast of ultra chic Paris wedding to fun and colourful wedding reception is a wonderful demonstration that you don’t just have to pick one wedding style.

Congratulations to Lucile and Vincent

Monique xx

Wedding Suppliers:

Hair : Toni & Guy
Make-up : Béatrice Nalis (my best friend, a beautician)
Lucile’s dress : Divina Sposa
Vincent’s suit : Bayard
Boat : River Limousine
Photographer : Freddy Frémond
Florist : A la Jonchée (Villeneuve le Comte)
DJ : Régis
Reception and Bentley : La Ferme de Champigny
Caterer : Aux Saveurs du Monde (Mr Maxime Brion)
Wines (Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé) : Domaine Tinel-Blondelet
As for the rest : our hands and our vivid imagination !

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