How to Keep a Proposal a Surprise

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Whilst it is almot the festive season, there is another season that is fast approach the proposal season!  Yes that’s right, as the nights draw in partners are busy planning their ideal proposal scenarios, getting nervous and running through every last detail.

But it can be difficult to keep such a big event a secret, so today I am going to look at exactly how to keep a proposal a surprise and I have notes from Mr Trulove on this one! Why?  Well I took him to Rome for his Birthday (which is just after Valentines Days) and to my complete shock he had orcastrated from me a suprise proposal complete with long stem red roses, beautiful engagement ring that was the correct size and made sure to ask my Father for my hand in marriage – good work!

As such a momentus occasion in your life, planning the engagement can take quite a while and there are a lot of things to take into account. Stress levels can rise and the anticipation of the event can become a little consuming. There are a few ways in which you can help yourself to keep the surprise a secret from your partner,  as the last thing you want to do is have all your plans ruined by someone letting it slip.

Here are some top tips for all those men and women planning on proposing brought to you in collaboration with 365 Diamond – the engagment ring specialist.

Proposal Planning – Don’t Tell Anyone

If you are worried that people will find out and tell your partner then stick to one golden rule, don’t tell anyone. There is bound to be one person who accidentally lets it slip and after that there will be no way to cover it up convincingly. You may want to ask the Father if you can marry their child as this can be a nice touch. However, make sure that they too keep it quiet, not telling a soul.

If you feel the need to tell someone about it all then the best choice is your cat. This may sound ridiculous, but make your cat the one that you turn to when you are stressed or confused about the proposal. This way you are guaranteed to keep it a secret, just don’t go talking to kitty when your other half is in the same room…

How to Keep a Proposal a Surprise

Proposal Planning – Don’t Act Suspicious

Try to act as natural as possible, as acting distant and stressed will only signal alarm bells. When you are thinking of how to propose, try not to do something which will mess up the every day routines that you have. For instance, don’t plan it during the middle of the week and demand your partner takes off a day for no reason at all. Telling them you have booked the poshest restaurant in town can cause an equal amount of suspicion as if this is highly unusual, they will automatically wonder what the big occasion is.

Proposal Planning – Take Care of the Ring

When you are purchasing the ring, be sure not to use a card that has shared access – seems obvious but easily done!  The last thing you want is for concerns to appear due to an unknown large sum going missing.

Once the ring has been bought, find a good hiding place that only you will look in. Perhaps even hide the ring at your office in a secure cupboard or a safe, as this will be the last place a suspicious soon-to-be-married individual would look.  If you are planning to propose on a trip, think about how you are going to transport the ring.  Mr Trulove had to go through airport security, praying that they didn’t ask him to remove it from the inside pocket of his jacket where he had hidden it.

Proposal Planning – Keep Your Cool

On the day of the planned proposal you are bound to be nervous but try not to let it take over. Find ways to release the extra energy that you have by going for a run, cleaning the house or distracting yourself. This will take your mind off the event and allow you to calm down. Try not to be too distant, or too over the top as this is not usual behaviour.

Be prepared for silent once you have popped the question.  If you have done a wonderful job and kept the secret, although you have been planning this for months, it is going to be a complete surprise to your partner.  If they are anything like me, a person who normally can talk for England couldn’t even get out the words – YES!

Good Luck and if you get engaged I would love for you to send in some pictures for a chance to be featured on the blog!  Send to [email protected]

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