Journey of Real Life Bride Sophie: Now the fun really begins

It is Friday, nearly the weekend and Spring is here!  To get you through the last day of the week we are catching up with real life bride Sophie as she continues planning her wedding in France – where the wedding planning fun really is beginning.


Sophie: “The journey home from France consisted of generating list after list! I don’t know if any of you are like me? Who enjoy making lists….?? I make a list for the list I’ve just written!

The first thing on our minds was the guest list, as like all soon to be wed couples all you want to do is invite everyone, from the next door neighbour to you friends, friends Uncle!  We made a conscious decision to have an intimate wedding and invite no more than 45 people in total, which would include the bride and groom.  Now you may be reading this and thinking that seems like a reasonable number but once you’ve added up your close family and friends the number soon disappeared. We are just waiting for RSVP’s now to see if this gorgeous bunch would like to join us on our big day!

There’s was no question to who I was going to ask to be my bridesmaids… There are so many ways to ask your friends to be bridesmaids, however I could not contain my excitement whilst on our honeymoon when we got engaged and asked my beautiful friends via Facebook! It’s amazing how much technology has changed it wasn’t long ago when Stuart and I received a Save the Date invite via Facebook so it certainly has great users! We then met up afterwards at my home and celebrated with champagne.

I asked my only sister Chloe to be Maid of Honour and two of my oldest and closest friends who I’ve known since I was 4! So I now have a beautiful bunch of 2 ladies. They all know each other which often help’s when organising the hen do apparently!

Stuart’s work partner Emma has a little boy Otis aged 2 and we both thought it would make our day extra special to ask him to join in the fun and be our Page Boy! I am excited to see him in a gorgeous little suit; I think he’s going to steal the show! So cute!

real life bride sophie

It’s never too early to plan killer outfits for the wedding! The internet has opened up a world of choice for Brides (like me) which wasn’t accessible even 5 of 10 years ago, it gave me a wider choice of designs to search for and see what is out there, available and at what cost to compare.

Ordering from abroad seems like the new fashion and this is how I went about purchasing my wedding dress, fortunately I found a supplier in Nottingham (where I live) who could have a sample delivered to try on for size and then get it ordered and shipped.  As for design I shall keep that top secret until the big day!

Having decided upon the colour scheme (dusky rose pink) having sorted the bridal gown, it was time for the Bridesmaids and Page Boy. It has become very popular in the UK to have all bridesmaids’ dresses coordination with each other, no matter how many bridesmaids you choose to have. There are so many different options available for bridesmaids, long, short, strapless, sleeveless, plain or posh!

To start with I browsed through online selections of bridesmaid’s dresses, wedding attire, shores and much more and sent pictures across to the bridesmaids for honest opinions. My sister and I went shopping and she tried on several different styled dresses to get an insight to what shape / style would suit. Along the way we discovered The Dessy Group, which is a website catered for Bridesmaids dresses at a really good value, so many dresses to choose from!

dessy group

The exciting part is that you can select your dress in over 30 different colour shades and see an example. I found a supplier near where we lived who supplied the Dessy Group and we all went and had a day of fun filled Champagne and trying on dresses J It was a difficult choice only because they all looked so lovely in every dress they tried on! We had a majority favourite and went along with that one and I went and got their shoes dyed to the same colour.

Page Boy, Best Man, Father of the Bride and Groom, we planned to find great, refine and quality outfits for them. Page boy outfits generally involve a suit and waistcoat with shirt and tie or cravat, with a hat as optional, much like the other male attendants of the bridal party – only smaller!

We investigated in hiring these suits, as we found such a large selection of great garments when we visited the NEC Birmingham Wedding Fair and came across Formal Affair made to measure suit hire.

national wedding show

Another detail which brides just love – A pretty, personalised hanger would be a lovely keepsake and your clothes deserve the best! The obvious option is to make them with wire, as I wasn’t feeling overly confident I had them custom made out of satin and their names embroidered on and they weren’t expensive.

I love seeing personal touches at weddings and I can’t wait to share more personal wedding excitement next month!”


Okay hands up who doesn’t enjoy making lists??  It is a standard joke between Mr Trulove and I about my many lists, glad to see I am not the only one.

If you are planning your wedding, how many lists do you currently have?

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