Journey of Belle Bride Hollydawn: My wedding day is coming!

I am excited and a little sad today as it is Belle Bride Hollydawn’s last post before she heads off to get married. I have thoroughly enjoyed being on Hollydawn’s journey and I hope you have too?  If so please take the time to wish Hollydawn and G well, but before she leaves to become a married lady she has left us with one final post in true Hollydawn style – My wedding day is coming!


Forget couples counseling, an endless budget, and even compromise, what our wedding planning really required was something much smaller: a number 2 pencil.  Why? I do not like to feed stereotypes, but for the past 6 months I have been eating this fact: French people love paperwork.

And yesterday, finally yesterday, my piles of paper culminated in ‘the interview’.  The purpose was to ensure our marriage was not ‘un marriage blanc’ (literally a white marriage, and not to be confused with a lavender marriage!) Strangely, this was my favorite wedding task thus far (minus my hen-do, otherwise known as the ‘night we shall not speak of’).

my wedding day is coming

The questions were simple, but they brought forth so many great memories and reminded me why I love G so.  Which brings me to a small confession: through the fog of our wedding, I briefly lost sight of our marriage.  What began as a recurring dream of peeing on my wedding dress, quickly turned into intrusive (and equally ridiculous) thoughts:

Winter is coming.

(*Aside: we are geeks and read Game of Thrones in which this is a common phrase to refer to an impending doom…we jokingly have named our wedding ‘winter’, and now use this as our mantra, sometimes said in pure joy and other times in complete panic).

How can I better balance our guest list introvert: extrovert ratio?

My high heels are too high.

This is my last period as a single woman.
(yes, I actually thought this)

Try as you might, you can’t change your arms in 2 weeks.

The ice isn’t probably going to melt; it’s definitely going to melt.

Is peach the same as pink?

If STDs are what I think they are, then we definitely don’t want to have them!

But the French Embassy didn’t want to see my Excel spreadsheets, no more than they were interested in our ‘theme’ or ‘colors’.  They wanted to know how we met, why we stay together, and how we imagine our future.  So please readers, step into the office of the French Embassy:

G and I met the first day I arrived in Ireland.  It had been a long flight and only jet lag could explain my appearance.  My new supervisor took me for drinks to meet the rest of our department.  G remembers I hid well under a baseball cap.  I remember when he was introduced as my coworker, his response was ‘sorry for that’ (?).  We slowly, then quickly, formed a relationship.

Today, we are together for an endless list of reasons including love, sexual attraction and shared interests.  But G, a man of few words, explained it best: ‘we can do nothing together, and we like it’.  For those of you who know this feeling, it needs no explanation.

For those of you who don’t, I apologize but much like the difference between peach and pink it is hard to put properly into words.  As for the future, I imagine a happy marriage and all-according-to-plan children (though the number is debatable!), and love, and books, and soup, and travel, and nothing, and everything, and above all an endless winter.

Exit the Embassy into the pissing rain (true story).

Roll on twenty-one days! As a bride at the end of her planning, I offer very little advice (though if you have paperwork questions, do contact me!).  Wedding planning will highlight the difficulties of marriage including finances, in-laws, cultural differences, etc.  But please do not equate the complexity of your wedding with the quality of your marriage, because if that were the case no one in Hollywood would be divorced.

Winter is coming.


So farwell single lady, but don’t despair as I can’t wait to showcase Hollydawn and G’s wedding in a couple of months!

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