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couple under alter • Images by Sylvain BouzatThis couple was the best of both worlds – glam & adventure. They had an elegant Jewish wedding with lots of traditions in Megeve and also had a private ski day in the Alps for the two of them just before! Let’s hear from Haute Wedding for more…gettinfg ready • Images by Sylvain Bouzatbride getting into boots • Images by Sylvain Bouzat gown details • Images by Sylvain BouzatThis German bride found her perfect match with a handsome Jewish French man that she had met around the office in London. His charm and easy to love personality had her head over heels in no time. shawls • Images by Sylvain Bouzat stunning couple • Images by Sylvain Bouzat alaga hotel • Images by Sylvain Bouzat wedding ceremony views megeve • Images by Sylvain BouzatThe couple spent the weekend skiing the famous mountainside of the Alps, going off-piste for a few photos, of course. Then this bride transformed the next day into a real-life winter princess. views in megeve • Images by Sylvain Bouzat arch i do • Images by Sylvain Bouzat rabbi • Images by Sylvain Bouzat outdoor venue in megeve • Images by Sylvain BouzatThe bride’s wedding gown was elegant, trendy and even a bit sexy. The delicate lace was absolutely stunningly made and complimented her long tulle skirt as she floated down the Alpine wedding aisle. i do destination megeve • Images by Sylvain BouzatFor the ceremony, they made sure to incorporate some Jewish traditions into their destination wedding. It’s customary for Jewish weddings for the bride to stand on the left of the rabbi, which is right for the guests, and then walk around him three times in an anti-clockwise direction. So, we had to leave a little extra room under the arch for this tradition. generations • Images by Sylvain BouzatDuring the ceremony, there are often many blessings from the rabbi wishing good fortune on not only the couple but their families. Then there’s a blessing over the wine, where you pass the wine to the bride’s mother who does not drink from the cup but instead passes it to the groom to drink. Caroline then passes it back to her mother who gives it back to the rabbi. They repeat this with every member of the family to symbolize the acceptance of the family and the bond they will share. couple under alter • Images by Sylvain Bouzat couple jewish • Images by Sylvain Bouzat
confetti • Images by Sylvain BouzatThen there was a candle lighting ceremony with three candles in total – one for each of the couple’s parents and one for the couple together! We love how family oriented the ceremony is! Before the big kiss, there are blessings in both Hebrew and English. Then Melvin breaks the glass to symbolize the joining as one. Mazel Tov! Now the celebration begins!
flowers • Images by Sylvain Bouzat florals • Images by Sylvain Bouzat drinks • Images by Sylvain Bouzat couple in love • Images by Sylvain Bouzat couple kissing in the alps • Images by Sylvain BouzatAs the bride and groom arrived, everyone waved their napkins and cheers to the newlyweds. Toasts were made while being served fine French cuisine and the parents shared a surprise, the grandparents wedding date was the same day! What a great story! chapel in megeve • Images by Sylvain Bouzat bubbly • Images by Sylvain Bouzat megeve alps wedding • Images by Sylvain Bouzat indoor reception • Images by Sylvain Bouzat indoor dining • Images by Sylvain Bouzat arch details • Images by Sylvain Bouzat jewish wedding attire • Images by Sylvain Bouzat dancing with cake • Images by Sylvain Bouzat clapping dance • Images by Sylvain BouzatThe dancing kicked off after the horah, the tradition of the chair lifting seen at most Jewish weddings. Great music, a live sax player and dancing were to be had, and a few marshmallows too! Congrats you two! cheese please • Images by Sylvain Bouzat hot drinks for after wedding • Images by Sylvain Bouzat cheers back lit • Images by Sylvain Bouzat sax i will sax • Images by Sylvain Bouzat traditions for jewish wedding • Images by Sylvain Bouzat smores • Images by Sylvain Bouzat skis guest book • Images by Sylvain Bouzat group alps photo • Images by Sylvain BouzatWhat a great Jewish wedding filled with traditions. We wish many blessings to this dynamic duo.

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Jewish Wedding Traditions in Megeve snapshot • Images by Sylvain Bouzat

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