Introducing the New Belle Bride – Caroline

Belle Bride Caroline

Happy Friday lovely readers! And welcome to Spring! A wonderful time of year where plants and animals everywhere are shaking themselves down and preparing to burst into life – and it’s also a time to have a good old clear out (unless you’ve already caught the Marie Kondo series on Netflix…).

It’s also the perfect time to introduce to you our first new Belle Bride of 2019 – Caroline, and her fiancé Christopher.

Caroline saw our shout-out for new Belle Brides on Instagram, and with a wedding date in June of 2020, she jumped at the chance of joining and sharing their wedding planning journey with you, our trusted readers. So, without any further ado, let’s pass you over to Carloline, so that we can find out a bit more about them both…

We live in Germany (he is German, I’m French), we are in our early 30’s and we have been together since 7 and a half years when he FINALLY proposed during our holiday in Morocco last November at the middle of a 3-day trek in the Atlas Mountains (you can imagine how NOT prepared I was… #nomakeup #noshower #couldNOThavebeenworth). But it was a magic moment and the funny circumstances make of it an unforgettable moment and a funny story to tell 😉

Now that I was finally engaged, it was time to start planning what I have been dreaming of since years: the PERFECT wedding !

It will be in south of France (Provence) because yes it is where I come from but also because it has so much appeal: hot and sunny weather, charm of the landscape, gastronomy, style and French people LOVE to dance! Therefore it has always been an obvious for us that we would marry in France.

We ideally would like to marry in June 2020 (the 20th or the 27th) but the date is not fixed yet as we still didn’t find our wedding location. Indeed we are still searching and visiting but we hope to find it very soon (in March 2019 the latest). We have been looking for an authentic venue at the campaign side as I am not fan of the weddings on the beach (too much wind, might be cold and humid in the evening) neither of too modern locations.

My parents are supporting us with the visits as they are based in France and they understand that organizing a wedding at distance is not so easy. After a few visits, our favorite venues are the Château de la Garde and the Bastide de Puget.

It is really tough to decide and it would be really appreciated if you could give us your point of view/some tips to help us choosing ?!

We will have around 100 guests coming from Germany and France (the different languages will be a small challenge to manage but we are confident) and we plan to have a brunch on Sunday. We think that the brunch is THE moment were we will finally be able to enjoy our family and friends and relax so it is really important for us to have it. Indeed the Saturday evening will pass SO fast !

Regarding the overall style of the weeding, I have been gathering some ideas on Pinterest on the board here, please have a look !

Of course these are Pinterest pins so they might be too perfect / tough to realize but I´m sure that we can get close to that, at least we will do everything for it. Only the budget might bring us back to Earth 😉

We would be really happy to share our wedding journey with FWS, we hope that our experience will inspire other couples and especially make people marry and celebrate more because we remark that less and less people are celebrating nowadays which is such a pity!

Indeed, for my fiancé and I, sharing with our family and friends is the most important, it will represent a big budget but a forever memory for all of us so it is totally worth it.

Looking forward to sharing our journey to the D-Day with you.

Kind regards,
Caroline & Christopher x

We so look forward to following Caroline & Christopher on their wedding planing journey – and we hope that you do too!

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