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Who doesn’t want to look fabulous on their big day?  For many our wedding day will be the first time that we have ever booked a professional makeup artist and it can be scary! Today we are going to reduce that fear as we are thrilled to welcome Onorina Jomir Beauty to the blog.

Busy working on weddings across Paris and throughout France, we caught up with Onorina Jomir of Honorine Bridal Makeup.

How did you become involved in make up?

onorina jomirI began my makeup career in my late teens – I took my first professional makeup class in Eastern Europe, and then did makeup for a variety of events, such as fashion shows, theatrical productions, and later photo and video shoots. A couple more classes followed, which led me to working for a bridal makeup company. This is how I began to understand the industry I wanted to be in, that of beauty makeup for special events and occasions.

What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous make up artist?

Being a fabulous makeup artist takes more than professional brushes, quality cosmetics, product knowledge, and technical skill. It requires having a very positive, approachable, and open personality, patience and dedication to all clients’ aspirations, needs, and concerns, and the desire to grow and progress. Our industry is constantly changing, and being able to adapt to new standards while maintaining a high-quality service makes for a great beauty professional in the makeup field.

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What type and style do your brides often have?

I have done a wide range of bridal looks, from very natural to fully glamorous, but I would say that most of my brides fall somewhere in-between. They look like an elegant version of themselves, sometimes with a glamorous touch of a bright lip color or winged eyeliner and false eyelashes. Most of my brides like to emphasize their best features while still looking like themselves – I do that by accentuating certain parts of their faces, such as their eyes, cheekbones, or lips. In the end, all my clients look radiant and glowing, ready for their special moments.

makeup artist ParisImage by Yolanda Villagran

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

With a destination couple, just as with a domestic couple, my job is to make the makeup and hair service booking easy, efficient, and stress-free. It can be very challenging to find the appropriate artist via the web, so I find that communication and responsiveness are very important on my part. Therefore, I like to be prompt and address all concerns and questions right away, so that my client can book me with ease and peace of mind.

Although it may be challenging to do a bridal trial on someone who is traveling to France, I would still strongly encourage it, even if it is one day before the event. It’s very important to be on the same page regarding the look we are going for prior to the big day! Plus, it will save time on the wedding day as I will be familiar with the exact makeup we are trying to accomplish.

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What is your favourite part of the make up process for a couple getting married in France?

My favorite part is definitely seeing my clients’ reactions to the looks I design for them. Making people feel and look amazing through my artistry is the most rewarding part of the experience, followed by the beautiful photographs that follow and last for a lifetime.

bride in Paris with floral headdress and natural makeup

 Image by Yolanda Villagran

What is the funniest story about being a make up artist?

The funniest story is that as a makeup artist, I put myself through lots of challenging situations to do what I love. I clumsily carry a suitcase and a backpack all over town, through the taxis and subways, I stress myself out while choosing lip colors because I have so many “What if?” moments, and I work under extreme time-constraints that cause me to hold my breath when I paint on that winged eyeliner. However, these “challenges” are such a small part of my job, a job that I love! Plus, I am able to laugh at myself and share these moments with other artists that do the exact same things to fulfill their passion for makeup artistry.

The Paris Photographer

Image by The Paris Photographer


What is the best thing about being a make up artist?

The best thing about being a makeup artist is giving people something new that they can cherish, admire, learn from, and create memories with. I have been able to help so many clients see themselves in a new light with just a few makeup tips and tricks. Plus, coming from a color theory background, I am able to create looks that truly match my clients’ color palette, from skin tone to eye color.

This on its own is something that I love doing, because it helps my clients learn from me and choose what their next makeup shopping trip will look like. My passion is making people feel pleasantly transformed through my skill and artistry.

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Tell me about the services of Honorine Makeup Studios/Honorine Bridal Makeup

Onorina Jomir Beauty encompasses all my makeup services, from beauty, to fashion, to special effects makeup. Recently, I have created a new entity, Onorina Jomir Beauty, that is dedicated to strictly beauty, bridal, and special occasion makeup and hair services.

I offer individual makeup and hair sessions for photo shoots including engagements and elopements, as well as group makeup sessions for wedding parties. Depending on the number of clients and the time we have, I can offer hair services or hire an assistant. Lastly, I offer makeup and hair styling for any other special occasion, such as red carpet and VIP events. Classic and chic bridal updo

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