Introducing the new Belle Bride: Mademoiselle Slimalicious

I am excited and thrilled today to introduce you to the newest FWS Belle Bride Mademoiselle Slimalicious!  But wait, we received a huge amount of applicants to become a Belle Bride and I couldn’t choose just one, so be sure to check back later to meet our second new Belle Bride Hollie!

Thank you once again for all of the lovely applications, you really are making my job harder and harder.  If you were not chosen this time I love to keep up to date with all of your wedding planning journey’s, so always feel free  to email in, comment on the blog, post updates on the Facebook page with the nuances in your wedding planning journey.

mademoiselle slimilicious

But let’s not wait any longer, I am delighted to introduce Mademoiselle Slimalicious aka Cyndie: “I am a 30 year old French expatriate living in Sydney with my Australian fiancé. Chris and I met in London in December 2006. After a few years in the UK and a short expatriation in Japan, we relocated to Australia in late 2009.

After nearly six years of relationship, Chris proposed in June 2012 during a safari trip in East Africa.

african proposal

Our wedding is scheduled for Saturday 6th September 2014, and will be held near my hometown of Carcassonne in the south of France, where my family still lives.

The style we want to go with is rather ‘classic’ and chic. We are expecting about 80 guests including a dozen of relatives and friends travelling all the way from Australia to celebrate our special day with us. At this stage, we haven’t progress much with the planning but we are visiting France in August this year to visit venues and meet with suppliers.

classic chic wedding

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Our preferred option is to have the reception in a castle, plan B is a vineyard. We are also looking at having a church ceremony (blessing) in addition to the town hall legal ceremony. The wedding will be a bilingual event, my fiancé speaks only very little French, his family does not speak any French, my family does not speak any English. All wedding document (save the dates, invitations, wedding program etc.) will have to have both French and English translations.”

wedding planning france

“I am very excited to be one of the next Belle Brides. Chris and I have been engaged for just over one year and I have to confess I am a little worried about planning our overseas wedding! Because I am French, one may think it would be an easy task for me to plan our wedding in France, but the reality is that living in Australia doesn’t make things easy – at all!

I left France seven years ago, when weddings still were ‘a thing of the past’ and not yet back in fashion. As a result, I haven’t been to many French weddings myself. Because my fiancé’s family will be travelling all the way from Australia for the event, I want to make it extra special, and extra French! I look forward to document my journey as a Belle Brides.

A huge big welcome hug from me to Cyndie!   Cyndie will be a regular contributor to the blog along with fellow Belle Brides Sophie, Cassie and of course you will meet Hollie later today!

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  • As a kiwi expat (most recently lived in Sydney) now living near Carcassonne, I am excited to be to be following Cyndie’s wedding journey. As an ex event manager I do appreciate the challenge that she will have organising this from afar…but having followed Madame Slimalicious for a while I think Cyndie is definitely up for the challenge!! I wish her all the best in this exciting couple of years!