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Après Ski Bands

Happy Wednesday to you all, and how are you lovely FWS’ers doing? We’ve got an incredible treat for you today, as we welcome French wedding entertainers and FWS vendor Après Ski Bands to The Study.

Après Ski Bands – the best party bands in Europe – can keep your guests entertained throughout your whole wedding day, no matter the size or style of wedding!

Before we find out more about them and what makes them tick, let’s have some fun on this new dawn…!

How did you become involved in wedding entertainment?

Après Ski Bands became involved in wedding entertainment by prospective married couples sharing some of their happiest and most fun memories at one of our après ski parties! From these events, couples started to book bands as they could visualise and hear what their wedding party would be like. Having seen the bands perform – and often speaking to them after a gig – created that more personal connection with our musicians. Couples would then contact us requesting specific bands, having had that all important personal interaction, knowing full well that they would be in safe hands working with our musicians and therefore, our company, Après Ski Bands.

Apres Ski Bands

What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous wedding band?

Apart from the obvious – the right choice of songs to get everyone up and dancing throughout the entire party! – to be a fabulous wedding band, it takes charisma, charm and quality crowd interaction that can only happen if the musicianship is of the highest order, of course.

Apres Ski Bands BOTW

Where has your entertainment services taken you across the globe/ France and for what type of weddings?

Après Ski Bands’ musicians and DJs have played every corner of the world! If a couple have wanted a particular band, musician or DJ to play at their wedding or special event, we’ve worked out the details, logistics and prices to ensure that happens. Our bands, solos, duos and DJs have played intimate weddings in venues such as family gardens, large destination weddings in grand château cellars and huge hotel ball-rooms for 800 guests or more with multiple band line ups. Some weddings are veritable festivals and we can coordinate and arrange all of it.

Apres Ski Bands DJ Kaya

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

It can be logistically different, working with a destination couple rather than a domestic couple who are planning a wedding in France, but we handle every stage and detail of those logistics. We speak five European languages across our offices, with two of our team having both lived and worked in France for more than twenty years. So we can confidently say that we know France very well and all that it has to offer – all you need to help a couple create their perfect wedding.

Apres Ski Bands

What is your favourite part of entertaining at weddings?

Our favourite part of entertaining at weddings is knowing that we are contributing to one of the best parts of the big day! Some of the most fun memories of a wedding day are made on the dance floor – whether you’re a guest, key wedding party member or the couple themselves. And we have the joy in knowing that we worked with the couple to make their dream party a visual and audible reality.

Apres Ski Bands

What is the funniest story about being a wedding band?

There’s definitely one very funny and memorable story that springs to mind – but we couldn’t possibly share it..!

What is the best thing about being a wedding band?

We asked our musicians and DJs what the best thing was about being a wedding band / DJ and their answers were all consistent – but one particularly handsome guitarist (I won’t embarrass him by saying who he is!) gave us the loveliest answer of them all – “You get to play the best party to the best group of friends and family who all just want to celebrate and dance together. And that is every musician’s dream.”

Apres Ski Bands Coco and the Butterfields

What 5 things are little know facts about the bands you work with?

1) We know all of our bands personally and spend a lot of time in their company at gigs and special events – particularly throughout the winter ski seasons.
2) Our bands are the busiest in Europe, doing over 250 gigs a year – for HNWIs / VIPs / large corporate events, we also work with household names and the rising stars of the music industry.
3) Our musicians have played for big name celebrities such as Lisa Kudrow and Margot Robbie. We’ve also organised various parties where where Bowie (RIP), Bono, The Beckhams, overseas Royalty, British Royalty and Formula 1 drivers have been guests so they’ve seen our acts play!
4) All of our musicians and DJs are professionals – many of whom are often touring through France.
5) Every après ski party incorporates the fun and big tunes you would associate with a wedding party – therefore our artists get to perfect their wedding sets on a daily basis throughout the winter season, knowing hundreds of songs so that a multitude of requests can be catered for!

Apres Ski Bands

Tell me about your services and packages

At Après Ski Bands, we work with clients and musicians to build the perfect wedding party, dealing with all logistics in the build up to the big day, on the wedding day itself and pack down of the equipment and any additionally hired PA etc. We deal with the paperwork so that the client doesn’t have to and we will ensure a personalised service is delivered, building a relationship with the clients to ensure every detail is attended to with regular emails and phone calls.

We offer a Silent Disco package of 300 wireless headphone sets and 2 DJs – ideal for clients who wish to party late into the night without the worry of clashing with a venue’s sound legalities or upsetting folk living in close proximity to where the wedding is taking place!

We also run an events management company – Piste Productions – so have years of experience working in events and festivals of all categories and sizes throughout the UK and Europe. If a client wishes to have a big wedding – or even turn their big day into a festival! – we have the experience of working with the necessary PA hire, sound technicians, musicians, DJs and a multitude of contacts within the entertainment industry to create an event to remember. We also run comedy tours (‘Taking the Piste’) and DJ tours in the French Alps during the winter and with various clients throughout the rest of the year.

Quality musicianship and quality events are our thing and you can be safe in the knowledge that we will work with you to put together the most important moments of your most important day!

Apres Ski Bands



Tel UK office : +447730612808
Tel FR office: +33650212024 / +33622117447


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