International Wedding Videographers & Photographers: AIRSNAP

International Wedding Videographers & PhotographersIt is always a pleasure to welcome truly talented suppliers to the blog and today I am welcoming international wedding videographers and photographers AIRSNAP.  The team at AIRSNAP first came onto my radar when I had the pleasure of featuring Kara and Trevor’s wedding back in 2014, and I instantly fell in love with the wedding film that they created.


We caught up with the team in between weddings and I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Airsnap team

How did you become involved in photography & videography ?

The team Airsnap has been filming weddings for 4 years, we are three in our company Anthony is the photographer, and Mikhaïl and Loïc are the wedding videographer sacramento., we come from a filmmaking background having studied at the ESRA film School.

Our origins then evolved into commercial filmmaking for luxury goods for brands such as Wella Cosmetics,  Rolls Royce, Radisson Hotels to name a few…

The transition into weddings was a natural evolution as we were drawn more and more into creating stories and expressing authenticy and emotion. We are passionate about filming weddings due to the personal and unique human aspect. Every couple has their unique story of how they met, what makes them tick, and how their individual personalities come together to be even stronger as a couple. We love taking their history and bringing it to life.

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous photographer/ videographer to accuratly record someones day?

Anthony (Photographer) : It’s important for me being able to tell the story of this day which is unique for the newlyweds. Through my eyes I arouse the emotion, capture the moment and engrave it forever …

Mikhaïl/Loïc (Videographer) : We try hard to realize a video which will make sense and which will cause emotions for the newlyweds even after several viewings. The key point in the video editing is the sound. We do everything to make it perfect, which will add intensity to the video. We recommend consulting with Ithaca Video Production for more information about this topic.
We care about every details.

Our discretion during the shooting makes our work really natural.

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

What type and style do your brides often have?

Usually, the couples who choose us are similar to us.  They are people concerned about details, we can share our points of views. This exchange allows us to better understand each other and to create a unique link which makes of us more than simple wedding video/photo providers.

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

The destinations couples who choose France for their marriage location arrive on the spot with a delight of places, French-style charm… They also are very open to our culture and they really like to share moments with us. Every time, we are enriched from these conversations, these cultures.

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

What is your favourite part of the photography/ videography process for a couple getting married in France?

Anthony ( photographer) : I like seeing the first dances because we can feel all the emotion.

Mikhaïl/Loïc : (videographer) Our favorite moment is the first meeting with the couples, we learn to know each other, we like hearing the stories of their meetings. We also like when we deliver the video teaser. It is a key moment for us, when we are impatient to know what they think of it.

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

What is the funniest story about being a photographer/ videographer?

Anthony: I remember during the preparations of the bestmen, I had to make the bow tie of everybody because none of them knew how to make it, but in the end they all ended up with a perfectly tied bowtie.

Mikhaïl/Loïc: Another time, we saved a marriage. The bride’s car didn’t start, and we were the last car able to bring her to the city hall.

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

What is the best thing about being a photograhper/ videographer?

Being a Photographer/Videographer allows us to always be creative. Every wedding is unique and we can reinvent ourselves in each of them. Share these special moments (joy, love and complicity) with our newlyweds is a chance that we appreciate every day.


What 5 things are little know facts about the Airsnap team?

We are bad dancers but we dance anyway
We have a basketball bucket in our office
We like having news of our newlyweds
We are friends before being working colleagues (Anthony and Mikhaïl are brothers)

International Wedding Videographers & Photographers

Tell us about the services of Airsnap.
What do we provide as photographer ?

– Full reportage
– All pictures are edited and unlimited during the day
– A private web gallery , free downloading for the guests
– Delivery : USB Box

What do we provide as videographer ?

– Full day recording with 2 cameramen
– Edition of a long film ( about 30min )
– Edition of a Short film ( about 3min )
– Edition of bonus footages ( full speeches, … )
– Delivery : USB Box

View more of AIRSNAP’s work here and email them to find about availability and prices for your destination wedding throughout Europe.

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