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Whenever I discuss wedding filmmakers there is always a sadness in my heart, primarily as we didn’t have one at our wedding 7.5 years ago.  Looking back now, we didn’t make the decision not to have a cinematographer at our wedding, but we never fell in love with anyone’s style enough to make a wedding film actually get a row in the wedding budget checklist.

Oh how I wish that I met the Denee Motion crew back in 2008!  Denis and the Denee Motion team were one of the first wedding cinematographers that I worked in collaboration with on the blog and it has been a joy to watch the company evolve and grow.


Before we get to their current status as renowned international wedding filmmakers, let’s go back to the beginning, as I welcome Denis to the blog:

Denis from Denee Motion“I am Denis from Denee Motion Boutique Wedding Cinema team and we specialise in hi-end wedding films around the UK and worldwide. Our wedding work has taken us several times to New York, Los Angeles, France, Italy, Dubai, Croatia, The Caribbean, Montenegro, Cyprus and the list is growing. Probably, this is due to us taking our assignments seriously and looking after every tiny detail giving our films and photos that extra human touch.

I became friendly with the video camera about 12 years ago when we first shot a documentary covering street art and the extreme sports scene in Lithuania. Our only teachers at that time were TV and videotapes, then YouTube came into our life. Basically, I have never attended any courses or special training, it just came eventually. I switched to wedding videography before moving to the UK in 2005, but soon realised I needed more space to fulfil my ambitions: I knew this was what I wanted to do full-time.”

Denee Motion has expanded into 6 cinematographers, 3 editors and 1 designer and has just opened an office in Dubai to cover Middle East market.


Apart from the UAE and London, this year their work has taken them to Tuscany, St Tropez, California, New York, Hvar, Tenerife. Their beautiful journey has transformed them from mere dreamers to international wedding filmmakers and photographers and “we still cannot believe it…We are also moving from cheap looking DVD boxes into digital distribution to reflect the value of the footage contained on the disk, so now we offer our signature box with 2 discs and custom USB stick.”


To find out more about Denee Motion and the services that they can offer you for your wedding day, click through to their website to find out more.

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