How to break up with a wedding vendor

wedding table top decor on the French RivieraTips on how to break up with a wedding vendor.

Planning a wedding is difficult, nonetheless a destination wedding in a foreign country.  Finding vendors who really understand your vision and needs is extremely important. But what happens when the oh so perfect vendor, turns out not to be your match made in heaven after all? Breakups are hard! Our friends from Wedding Angels are here to give you tips for a clean break…

Breaking up with vendors is never an easy task. Let alone when the mission to be accomplished is for the most important event you will ever be planning: your wedding !

However, it is really important that for your wedding, do not feel you are sticking to a supplier or vendor for the wrong reasons. If you do, it could impact the relationship you have with this vendor, it often shows in their work and your stress-levels will skyrocket.

Planning a wedding is a very personal event so emotions and stress levels can be tested. Be sure to be surrounded by vendors who are best fitted to your expectations and personality.

Before you commit – Do your research

  • Before contacting this vendor, really look at the reviews and take a long look at their work online.
  • After you meet, ask to review the contract terms before you sign. Take it home to think it through and then decide!

This will help you feel comfortable in your choice and avoid the sticky situation of having to go through canceling a service.

However, everything might seem so simple and easy to start with and then once you are locked in, personalities and service quality can change.  So you might have to come to terms with the fact that you don’t see eye to eye and go through the process of saying goodbye to that vendor.

Before you have the breakup talk – Get prepared

Often it is intimidating to break up with a wedding vendor. Make sure you know why you would like to stop the collaboration, is the decision rational and well thought out? Do you have a good back-up plan to replace the vendor? Sometimes we feel the grass is greener elsewhere but it is not always the case. Make sure you think this through.

The key to splitting up with a vendor is to check the paperwork before you act !

Check the contract terms for all payment and cancellation details and conditions before you actually make any official commitments. Somethings to look for:

  • Is there a cancellation policy?
  • Will you lose your down payment?
  • Is there a deadline before which you must cancel in order to get a refund or not be subject to cancellation fees or compensation?

Once you know what you are in for money wise, you must not waste time before acting on your decision. The earlier you free a vendor up, the easier it will be for both of you : he will be able to get another contract in for that date and you will be able to move on with your planning under better circumstances. orange flowers bouquet break up with a wedding vendorFinally having the talk – Be calm and carry on

It’s time to finally break up with a wedding vendor. Have the conversation and clearly state what is wrong and why you would like to terminate the contract.

  • Don’t accuse but be specific. 
  • Be tactful and graceful when you do this. Not clicking or having the right feeling about someone does not mean the vendor is bad.
  • Treat this as a misunderstanding, which is the case with most relationships that do not work out.
  • Explain it simply that your visions did not align. It will be a relief to you but maybe to them too!
  • You can also mention your part of the responsibility - that you had not realized the way they work or that their style was not quite what you were looking for, etc.
  • It is always great to offer some praise too so it does not feel like a failure to the other party.

Moving on – Finding closure

After it is made very clear that you are terminating, you must go through the paperwork to close the contract. 

  • Make sure to clarify the steps you will be taking.
  • Make any signatures needed
  • Pay for any fees that you have agreed to in your initial contract
  • Return anything that belongs to the vendor
  • Finally, make sure this is all in writing and agreed to by both parties so you can serenely move onto the next step!

On to the next – Finding a new vendor

Find a supplier that really fits your style on our French Wedding Directory.

Thank you to the team at Wedding Angels for sharing all the inside tips on how to break up with a wedding vendor.


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