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There are so many ways to look for your destination wedding photographer for looking through real weddings, to searching through Directories for photographers –  but today there is no need to hunt for a fabulous wedding photographer in France as we are delighted to welcome HemENgo bEgiAk Photography!

Based in Biarritz in the South West of France, HemENgo bEgiAk  can provide photography and videography services throughout France.  Falling in love with photography when he was just a boy, I am so thrilled to welcome Thierry from HemENgo bEgiAk Photography to the blog, and your chance to find out a little more about him.

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Thierry:  “For me, photography started when I was a boy.  When I was young my father bought a nice camera. Not for me : for my elder brother. My brother used to take this camera every time we took step out of our house. Not only when traveling, even for a stroll in the woods or an afternoon at the beach. He would never leave the house without this camera.

He did not take a lot of pictures with it though, most of the time,he was annoyed with carrying it. He relied on me to carrying it for him and take the pictures, this is how, I guess, I became a photographer!

On his wedding day, he did not want to use it either. Thus I photographed my first wedding, and never stopped since then.

When it comes to being a fabulous wedding photographer first you need a strong like for people, for meetings, for lights & stories. To be imaginative.

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You have to realise you are really blessed for being a witness to the big day, whatever it is to be witnessed : this is for me the contemplative part of it.

There is also the ability to capture what you see through the lens, during the course of the day, not matter what the environment.

To welcome the unexpected with open arms, because it truly deserves to be told.  To practice every day, & never think you’ve come to an end.

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My advise to couples when choosing your wedding photographer – First I would say you have to trust your feelings during your discussions with him/ her.  Then you have to fall in love with his/her work.  The rest is then just pure poetry.

As a team we shoot  every kind on location. We feed on people’s energy, not locations.  The most beautiful wedding is the next.”

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Working on Destination Weddings

We live in the Basque country, a place with a strong culture.

Destination couples allow us to work on a more natural way, by adventuring far from this culture or making it part of the trip, further from what we know, where everything has not been made yet.

For us  no 2 weddings are similar. Usually I just love to see destination couples caught on pictures in places I know well : the meeting between people and places is something really inspiring.

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Our funniest wedding story ….  when after a few hours on the wedding day  the bride, groom and their families totally forget about us.

It enables us to live every moment the way they truly are. And there you are, with a camera in your hand…

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The best thing about being a wedding photographer is to be given the chance to work on beings wedding days, where there are no second chances but enormous possibilities for capturing the beauty of their day.

To know that your pictures will last through the years and become part of history.  To be touched and surprised at every wedding that we shoot –  which means to keep the child soul alive within you”

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Our services are simple –  We make photo documentaries, with our style & our hearts.
We also make short films to give the most exhaustive memory of this day.”

HemENgo bEgiAk is available for photography services throughout France be sure to view more of their work on the website.

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