Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

My gorgeous husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and we are doing so in Paris.  As a wedding blogger I often get asked about my wedding and one things always crops up, would I change anything.

The answer is a simple yes.  The wedding world has changed with alarming delight in recent years and what was available and the norm during our planning process, has withered into faded memory now.  The changes include my wedding dress which I have a complete love/ hate relationship with, but that is a story for another time.

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However much I would like to redo certain elements of our wedding day there is one thing that I would never change, my fabulous husband.

I use the word fabulous a lot in my language as I believe in using positive language and there is no-one more positive or fabulous than my husband.  You may know me as the ‘face’ of French Wedding Style, but without him there would be no blog.  He was the one who took my initial idea and turned it into a reality.  He is the one who is the driving force behind the rebrands (there have been 3 already) and the brand new look and layout.  And he is the one who believes in me, when those days of self doubt seem heavy.

As a couple we have been through so much in 5 years, the heart wrenching losses that leave a mark on your soul and the giddy excitement as we dream of a different life together.

We have actually known each other since we were 2, but it was not until we both asked for the same wine when we were 25 that our love story started.  A year and a half later on Valentines Day after asking my Father for my hand in marriage, he proposed in Rome and we were married a year later.

If there is an unsung hero of the blog, it is him.  He works so hard on our little business and constantly asks “How can we do more”.

He is my best friends and partner in every way, I love you Lobster.

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