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Happy Saturday and welcome to the start of the weekend.  Saturday’s can be a wonderful day to visit the shops, have a spot of lunch and when needed partake in the sport of window shopping.  Continuing the shopping theme today on the blog, as we looking at some advice for shopping for the gorgeous grooms outfit for a destination wedding.

As a bride, finding the perfect dress can seem like the most important item on the wedding agenda. In fact, this means that the groom’s outfit is often overlooked and forgotten as the bride has enough things to consider as it is.

But you don’t want stand next to your partner looking like Austin Powers in Grooms Abroad!  MyTuxedo, however, believes that the grooms wedding suit is just as important. . If your future husband looks good on the day (with a gentle persuasion from you), then surely he will make you look amazing as the bride. After all, aren’t weddings all about the bride and what she wants anyway?

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However, choosing what your husband should wear can be difficult. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on the dress code for the day, let alone consider trends for your clueless fiancé. Throw in a destination wedding and you can be even more left baffled and confused by what should be worn. Don’t fret though as is here to guide you through what should be worn on that special day so you can give the soon to be husband a gentle nudge in the right direction.

In the UK, the traditional dress for the grooms and ushers is a morning suit. This consists of a jacket with tails, striped formal trousers, a dove or beige waistcoat and tie choice is optional; either being a regular tie or cravat. While this is traditional to the UK, it is your wedding and despite being in a different country, if you want to keep the tradition going then a morning suit is the perfect choice for your future husband.

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You should, however, consider that if you are in a hot country, your fiancé will need to dress appropriately for this. Wearing a jacket with tails may be too hot for the groom and if you will allow it of course, he may want to roll his trouser legs up to stay cool. Bear in mind that, this might be useful if you are on a beach as he won’t get sand all over his formal wear.

Light weight fabric and light colours are a must as they are cooler. Therefore greys and whites are suitable and try to afford black at all costs. Poly Viscose is a great fabric to look out for as well. Try to avoid wool as this will be too hot for the groom to wear in sunny climates. If you can’t convince your fiancé to wear a jacket, he can wear a crisp white shirt, waistcoat and a cravat, and still look perfect. However, if you wish the groom to wear a jacket, then you can always purchase a dinner jacket and make him wear it in the evening.

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You may face problems when it comes to transporting the outfit. The groom may think it is a good idea to crumple it into the suitcase. Don’t let him! Long journeys and squashed luggage can leave your suit looked wrinkled and creased. Not a look you want your groom to be supporting on your big day. Always use a suit bag to transport the suit and hang it up as soon as you arrive at your destination so it remains in perfect condition for your big day.

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So who is being brave and not seeing the Grooms outfit until the big day?

Monique xx

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