Green Loving Girl deciding on the feel of a wedding

feel of a wedding, should be?It is time to catch up with one of our Belle Brides Fiona aka Green Loving Girl who has been deciding on the feel of a wedding and what they want that to be!  I love catching up with our real brides and imagine readers sat that with a cup of tea and coffee as they catch up on the latest installment.  But tell me, how to do read your blog post?

As I mentioned in Fiona’s last post, she has had a challenging month, but has still found time to work on the wedding planning!

Fiona: “Hello lovely readers,

Glad to catch up with you again. It has been a long month, a bit of a blur to be honest. My 3 year old was hospitalised in France during our holiday for appendicitis and peritonitis and so we had one month “off” away from work and nursery while she recovered; I have made the decision to take a career break from my day job to focus on more creative avenues (!); we’ve celebrated Hugo’s first birthday… Busy busy busy!

My sister and her fabulous fiancé have also set a date for their wedding for… this Christmas (eeeee!) which I am beyond excited about! Especially as, because they now live in Australia, I am helping them with some of the wedding planning, which I love, love, love! It is going to be such a beautiful day for an amazing couple!

Because of all this, our own wedding has been a little neglected…

Following on from my previous post, I have started creating our wedding website via Getting Married but still have a lot of info to add onto it. I was actually thinking of asking the bridesmaids to help out with some of it but they don’t know this yet!

I have also been giving a lot of thought as to how we would like the wedding to look and feel like on the day. As most brides to be I am sure, I have bought about fifty wedding magazines, half of which I read while in hospital with Siena. I am also updating my Pinterest wedding boards on a daily basis with ideas of all shapes and sizes! As a result? Well if you look at my Venue and Reception Ideas board, our wedding day will be mostly made of glittery gold things with lots of green, with added splashes of bright colours such as coral and yellow. There will be lots of those really big super round helium balloons, and bunting everywhere… (is it me or does that sound amazing??).

pinterest wedding boardAll in all, I think it is safe to say that I love lots and lots of ideas, but find it difficult to narrow it down to one “theme”. And so Barry and I talked it through… what do we like? How do we want the day to feel? What can we realistically expect on the day in light of the location, our guests, etc? My sister also helped remind me what truly matters, when she said about her own wedding that all she really wanted, was to get married to her man, the rest were details (aaaaaaw).

From these conversations, we started getting more of an idea of the day itself.

First of all, Barry and I agreed without a doubt that the day would probably be fairly casual and “rustic”. Mainly because a third of our guests being young children, we cannot expect to have a smooth, formal wedding. But that suits us just fine, as we’re more the casual type anyway. Additionally, we are not having a church wedding, only a civil ceremony at the Mairie in my parents’ village.

The Mairie is located in the village’s old school building. It is lovely and French looking in my eyes, with high ceilings and big windows, but it is also fairly small and so we are not sure our guests will all fit in! We are therefore expecting them to have to wait in the old school’s courtyard while we get married legally. It is also not grand in any way, but very symbolic of a small French village, hence the “rustic” adjective above.

We have also picked a venue which we believe is stunning in its own right, so would not need a great deal of decorating. Perhaps just a few personal touches here and there.

wedding Venue in FranceMy bridesmaids have got simple but beautiful summer dresses (more to follow on this soon). I would love for Siena to be in a simple cotton dress such as the one below, so that she won’t get too hot and be able to run around with all of her friends while still looking adorable! No idea what Hugo would wear yet, the heat being my main concern for him too…

flower girl wedding outfit

When looking for my dress (I get to try it on again on Saturday, I cannot wait!), the main criteria I gave were: I want to look magnificent, but I also want to be able to kick off my shoes and run around with the kids if I feel like it. So the big fairytale dress would not do!

fairytale wedding dress

All Barry and I really want, is for all our friends and family to be gathered together in a stunning location, enjoying good food, good wine, and having a good old dance off in the evening. So if we were to pick a theme, I guess it would a rustic country floral French fete wedding. We would like to encourage guests to wear floral and/or colourful summer outfits to match the colours of our save the dates, and simply enjoy the French summer by relaxing and having a good time with a bunch of pretty amazing people, even if we do say so ourselves!

A “rustic country floral French fete wedding” might be a little long (and slightly vague?) to describe our day, but I think it reflects our wish for the day perfectly, and I cannot wait to start putting it all together!

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