Where to get married in France

I love receiving emails from brides and I often get asked, what is the best place to get married in France?  Obviously the answer is, that the best place to get married in France actually depends on you.

The basic starting point is the same for wherever you are planning a wedding, what type of wedding do you want, what is your budget, how many guests and do you have any specific requirements.

Once you have these answers you are then best equipped to start your search.  Another point to consider when planning a destination wedding is the travel arrangements.  If many of your guests will be flying over to France for your wedding, what is the nearest international airport?

An example is if you are planning to get married in France in Provence and your guests are flying into Nice airport.  Nice is a huge airport and one with many international flights, but do check travel times.  A drive into the heart of Provence can take up to 3 hours in a car from Nice, so do factor this into your decision.

If you are just at the start of your planning process for your wedding in France, here is my pinspiration for some of the most wonderful locations where you can get married in France. This list is not exhaustive and any questions as always don’t forget you can email in to [email protected]

Where to get married in France:

get married in france

1 Tarn: Matt Guegan Photography via Pinterest | 2 Provence: Blanche Fleur | 3 Chamonix: via French Wedding Style | 4 Midi Pyrenees: Susie Lawrence of Chateau de Brametourte  | 5 Rhone Alps: taken from Chateau de Bagnols | 6 Bordeaux : via Pinterest | 7 Basque Country: Maison Pestea via French Wedding Style | 8 Annecy: via Pinterest | 9 Dordogne: via Pinterest | 10 Carcassonne: Cassie Leedham Photography | 11 Corsica: Caught the Light via French Wedding Style | 12 Monaco: via Pinterest | 13 Normandy: via Pinterest | 14 Paris: Babb Photo via French Wedding Style |

What are you favourite places?

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  • My best friend was married in Bordeaux and it was the most amazing place I’ve ever been. The scenery is perfect, the wine is delicious, and you simply can’t find a more romantic place to get married.