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You know that at French Wedding Style we love Pinterest right?  I mean what is not to love, it is full of wonderful inspiration for your wedding day, plus not forgetting home decor and travel ideas that will set your head spinning!

With over 25,000 Pins and 57,000 followers, we know that you love it too and our love for Pinterest is not waning. So what better way to showcase some of the wonderful ideas available for your French wedding than with some French wedding food pinspiration.

I am going to be looking at two main areas of this today, croquembouche and macaron cakes.


Way back in the first month of launching the blog back in 2011, I wrote a piece on Croquembouche, which was still becoming known to wedding audiences outside of France. Their popularity on cooking programs like Great British Bake Off and Masterchef have raised their profile even further.

For your wedding in France as well as shops that specialise in croquembouches, many Chateaux, traiteurs (wedding caterers) and patisseries can create a croquembouche for your wedding day.

Traditionally a croquemouche is a  French dessert with a high cone of choux filled with pastry cream that can be dipped in chocolate bound with caramel.  Some designs are dipped in chocolate or the choux pastry is attached to a cone without the caramel.

wedding croquembouche

Croquembouche 1 | Croquembouche 2 | Croquembouche 3 | Croquembouche 4 | Croquembouche 5 | Croquembouche 6 | Croquembouche 7 | Croquembouche 8 | Croquembouche 9 |

Macaron Cakes

Macarons are another triumph to emanate from France that have made a big impact on the wedding industry.  Whilst macarons are wonderful wedding favours and to be apart of a dessert bar, it is macarons cakes that can take center stage.

A macaron cake is often made using real sponge cake, chocolate mouse cake or a foam cone as support.  There is no limit to the shape or design of your macaron cake, the only limit is your imagination and finding a baker to create it for you!

wedding macaron cakes

Macarons Cake 1 | Macarons Cake 2 | Macarons Cake 3 | Macarons Cake 4 | Macarons Cake 5 | Macarons Cake 6 | Macarons Cake 7 | Macarons Cake 8Macarons Cake 9 |

Happy Wedding Planning!

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