French Style wedding at Chateau de Villette

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We have something to brighten up your week, todays French Style wedding at Chateau de Villette which includes a statement red dress, wild colourful flowers and creative canapes by Grand Chemin. Everything was planned perfectly by French Wedding Style vendor and wedding planner CTH EVENTS PARIS who will also be walking us through this unique Chateau de Villette inspiration shoot.

If you’re looking for all things unique for your wedding day then this inspiration shoot captured by The Paris Photographer is exactly what you’ve been looking…

French Style wedding at Chateau de Villette

This inspiration wedding photo shoot took place at the beautiful Chateau de Villette near Paris. I choose to order all the calligraphy and the drawing of a castle to a designer who completely realized the drawing with a black pencil. Menus and invitations were created using this drawing. We were inspired for this photo shoot by Gustave Klimt who expresses himself completely and freely, as indicated by the inscriptions on the Nuda Veritas painting: “If one can not by his actions and his art please everyone, one must choose to please the few. Pleasing to many is not a solution. ”

luxury chateau wedding inspiration

Wedding décor, floral, and fashion components—change constantly, but the last time the pink, blue, coral (this year) colors dominate. We thought: why newly-engaged couples should follow these color codes, why not be yourself, not be unique? This photo shoot of inspiration in a sublime place offers a palette of bright colors that arouses emotions, brings joy, emphasizes the difference, and makes this creation rare and unique.

Chateau de Villette gardens Wedding Dress MAE PARIS unique bridal flowers bridal glitter hair

The team of creative vendors were integral to the process of creating a timeless, mystical atmosphere with candelabras, velvet furniture, bohemian jewels of your dreams with French touch, ferns, gold roots, buttercups and tulips. A wide range of authentic vendors, expressing French art of living and French culture, testifying to the history of France, rich in the crafts, all made in France.

Chateau de Villette bathroom

Not only was Klimt the chosen château it is representative of « Excellence à la francaise » and allow to cross the creative team, original colors, Klimt’s golden cycle, noble materials and luxurious details. We shot in the outstanding bathroom with beautiful onyx bathtub. Bath Napoleon III belonging to the Marquise de la Païva. Commissioned, as part of the restoration of his castle of Pontchartrain, Pierre Manguin and sculpted by Donnadieu, marbrier in Paris, in a block of yellow onyx (1,85 m – 900 kg). The Marquise took baths of milk, linden and even champagne!

Chateau de Villette bridal suite

Chateau de Villette bride Chateau de Villette luxury wedding venue

The chateau was built in the XVII century and designated as one of the most important historical Châteaux in France, the splendid gardens were designed by Andre Le Notre, who also created the gardens at Versailles. The pedigree and elegance of classic design, brought by him, earned Château de Villette the designation of “Le Petit Versailles”.

red wedding dress

Bride was wearing sublime haute couture dress from MAE PARIS collections and diamonds from Rivka Nahmias Jewelry Paris. Each Rivka’s creation is unique and show us the « French Know how » according to the codes and rules of French jewelery.

one shoulder red dress floral ice cubes

I made myself home made ice cubes with roses inside to accompany French champagne Ruinart! Grand Chemin created some pieces full of color and representative of French gastronomy.

unique wedding favours luxury french canapes bright wedding flowers gold rimmed wedding glasses wild wedding flowers

So we wanted to shoot in gardens during the golden hour what is the darling period of the photographers. The light becomes honey and the panorama seems to borrow some tunes of fairy tale, especially on the background of sublime castle. It offers several advantages: the shadows lengthen, the light is less hard and beautifully carves your main subject, enveloping all of a warm and cozy atmosphere. Stunning red dress, castle, Le Notre’s gardens – successful perfect match!

chateau gardens

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French Style wedding at Chateau de Villette Snapshot

French Style wedding at Chateau de Villette Snapshot

Wedding Vendors

Planner CTH EVENTS PARIS | Venue Chateau de Villette | Florist Perspective Design Floral | Photographer Fran BOLONI owner of The Paris Photographer | Videographer Studio 80 Production
| Hair and Make Up Tatiana Medved | Wedding Dress MAE PARIS | Model Jade Simon | Catering Grand Chemin | Accessories Rivka Nahmias

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