French Shabby Chic Cakes

My French shabby chic style series is moving on today to something dear to my heart, well taste buds and stomach actually:  french shabby chic cakes!

Whether it is for a wedding or for a celebration, cakes have the ability to add to an event.  We all remember the feelings as a little kid on your birthday when the mysterious lofty platter was ceremoniously paraded into the room with everyone singing and your mum or dad beaming with delight at their bakery craftmanship. I definitely remember a caterpillar with chocolate fingers for legs in amongst my birthday cake gallery, thanks mum x

For me wedding cakes should hold the same memories in years to come.

A wedding cake should be more than another item on the wedding tick list, it is an edible sculpture.  Now there are many forms of art from minimalism, post modernism, impressionism and abstract and many wonderful artistic bakers out there who can create one for you.  If you think about it how many times in your life do you commission an artistic product over £450/€525/$710?

So I have rounded up a selection of cake designers from all sides of the water with my favourite shabby chic cakes with wedding sweets sugared almonds.

shabby chic wedding cake

 Janet Mohapi-Banks – UK
Photography: Julie McKee Photography, Styling: Cherry Topped Bespoke Weddings,

maisie fantaisie shabby chic 3 seperate tier wedding cake

Maisie Fantaisie – UK
maisie fantaisie shabby chic 3 tier traditional wedding cake
Maisie Fantaisie-UK
lace glamour wedding cake
Cake Parlour UK
french shabby chic cakes by Wedding Cake Avenue Paris
Wedding Cakes Avenue – Paris

For those who are arranging a destination wedding in Paris, take a look at The SugarPlum Cake Shop.  Below are some of their fabulous shabby chic cakes and they have also been featured in Jessica and Chetan’s Wedding and Tiffany and Matt’s Wedding.

Paris wedding cakes by SugarPlum cake shop

 sugar plum cake shop paris

 The SugarPlum Cake Shop Paris

I hope you enjoyed my cake gallery and  look forward  to finding out about about your cakes.

monique trulove --wedding blogger

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  • It’s funny that these cakes are labelled “French” style. I’ve never seen any cakes like this during my 25 years living in France. Croquembouche is the traditional French wedding cake (and occasions like christening, communion, anniversary etc.).

    But these cakes are very pretty of course! For us French people we find them very English/American style! Cultural differences in countries so similar always amaze me!

    • It is a great point, cakes that we label ‘french’ style in the UK/ USA are hard iced tiered cakes and are very rare in France. There are a couple of American cake shops in Paris who can create these hard iced tiered cakes, but they are sparse in other areas of France especially outside a major city.