French Shabby Chic Style: Part 5 – Favours

There are many different cultures who claim the origins of wedding favours, but as I am French Wedding Style I am going to start with an ancient french tradition for newlyweds to give each guest five dragees.  The tradition still exits today with couples giving their guests more than five dragees in a variety of different colours displayed in little boxes and bags.

If you are looking to give your guests a wedding favour but find the dragees not to your liking, what other shabby chic wedding favours are available?  This is what I am going to be looking at today in the fifth part of my french shabby chic style series.

The ideas below give you an idea for the content of the wedding favours, but think about using recycled fabric and ribbon, hand written notes and hand made packaging to give that true shabby chic flavour to your favours.

french shabby chic wedding favoursFrance offers some of the best cuisine and wine and champagne in the world providing the perfect inspiration for your wedding favours.  Miniature bottles of wine and champagne can offer the easiest solution and can be purchased in most countries, but to add that little bit of authenticity ask your planner or venue in France to source a local tipple.

flavigny aniseed favours

If you are looking to stick with tradition and offer sweets as your wedding favour, Flavigny Aniseed have been made in France for a thousand years, making them the oldest sweets in France.  Flavigny Aniseed are available through many internet candy stores and provide a lovely retro feel to your wedding table.

To add a little humour to your wedding, I love these chocolate snails/ escargot.  You can imagine the conversation that they would cause at the table as to whether they are real or not!

chocolate escargot/ snailsCombining the delicious french preserves with a shabby chic theme, these “Spread the Love” pots are just adorable and you can change and use the fabric for the lid to compliment your wedding theme.

jam wedding favourGrimes Designs

Loose tea can provide a wonderful present for your guests that can be enjoyed for days to come.  Celebrated tea makers in France include Mariage Frères who have a wonderful range of teas presented in tin boxes in a variety of colours.  Alternatively you can either order from a wedding favour website or create your own by purchasing loose tea in bulk and creating your own packaging and labelling.

tea wedding favourBliss Weddings Market

If you are looking to create your own wedding favours, the simplicity and symbology of giving a plant sapling to your guests is beautiful.  You can take the idea below and then add some DIY name tags to also become the place setting.sapling favour - wedding favour Do It Yourself Blog

If you are creating your own shabby chic wedding favours I would love to hear your suggestions.

Monique x x

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