French Riviera Gatsby Wedding Style

Fresh faced from my trip to the French Riviera ( I will be writing about this soon) it seems only fitting today that our Tuesday inspiration board is Riviera based, with a Gatsby Wedding Style board from Fabienne Slater at Elian Concept Weddings and Events.

I will admit that I haven’t seen the film yet after hearing the mixed reviews, but the Hollywood glam of the 1920s, the elegance and sassiness of the ladies is my type of style.  Combine all of that in one of my favourite places in the South of France and I have to say the French Riviera Gatsby wedding style is on of my favourite inspiration boards so far!

If you want a piece of the Gatsby lifestyle then the villa where author f the Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda lived from 1922 to 1924 is up for sale for 27.5 million Euros!

Fabienne: “The recent Baz Luhrmann’s production “The Great Gatsby” recreated the unrivalled atmosphere of the period and is without doubt very inspirational for the bride-to-be dreaming of a 1920s wedding theme. I personally also found in the Northern Ballet’s stage version of The Great Gatsby a lot of creative insights for the period’s design.

Northern Ballet Great Gatsby

Source: The Great Gatsby by the Northern Ballet

The era is associated with glamour and sumptuous lifestyle, and so is the French Riviera, which in the 1920’s was the epitome of opulence and a fashionable holiday destination for the high society.

French Riviera Gatsby Style

Sources: French Riviera Vintage Ad, French Riviera 1920’s style

Artists Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, to name but a few, gathered in sea facing villas hidden under the pin trees, enjoying lavish parties or relaxing in iconic palace hotels such as Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc in Antibes.

Fitzgeralds and Eden Roc

Sources: The Fitzgeralds on the Riviera, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in the 20’s

To follow in their steps and set the tone for an Art Deco wedding on the French Riviera, you could indulge yourself at The Hotel Belles Rives. This seaside hotel in Juan les pins was originally a private villa rented by the Fitzgeralds. He wrote “Tender is the night” there and their wild parties and decadent lifestyle contributed to the notoriety of the resort amongst celebrities of the time.

Hotel de luxe Belle Rives Juan les Pins

Source: Hotel Belles Rives- Juan les Pins

The following inspiration board and ideas are infused with 1920’s spirit set on the French Riviera to tempt you to embrace the stunning beauty and elegance of the location for a truly Gatsby style wedding.

Hotel Belles Rives-Jetee

Sources: Week-end chic, Hotel Belles Rives, 1920’s beach look

Tiffany Bar Hotel Belles Rives

Sources: French Riviera Wedding Invitation Gatsby inspired style (hair by Anne Veck –Headband by Euphoria Couture), Art Deco Piano Bar at the Belles Rives Hotel

Art Deco Bedroom

Source: Hackett London Spring Summer Collection, Victoria Millesime Collection, Belles Rives Hotel Art Deco Suite

Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous outfits: A modern twist of 1920’s fashion to arrive in style.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2012-2013 collections

Sources: The Great Gatsby inspired Women and Men Spring Fashion


french riviera gatsby wedding  style bride

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gatsby groom

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I leave you with my version of Mint Julep, a favourite drink of the Jazz’s age:

Mint Julep Cocktail

Source – Top: Victoria Grech Photography, Bottom: Elian Concept Weddings


1 dozen of fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
4 oz of Bourbon
Plenty of crushed ice

Ideally, you should use a silver goblet to prepare this cocktail, but if you don’t have one, a vintage glass will be a nice-looking alternative.

Place half the leaves, the sugar and a drop of Bourbon in the glass and muddle together to squash the mint. Add the crushed ice and top up with the Bourbon and stir. Insert the remaining mint leaves in the ice and enjoy!”

Thank you to Fabienne at Elian Concept Wedding and Events for bringing some vintage delight into my day!  If there is a theme or style that you would like to see an inspiration board for, maybe you are looking for some styling ideas for your own wedding, email info@frenchweddingstyle.com with the subject line Inspiration Board.

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