Fine art countryside wedding outside Paris

outside of paris • Images by Masha GolubHorses, a handsome groom, and a stunning gown brought this fine art countryside wedding shoot to life! Even though this shoot was just outside of Paris, you still find the small town feel that many people are searching for. Stripping back the extra glam actually brought out the charm, and we love it! Yet another incredible feature coming from My Riviera Weddings.walking in the pasture • Images by Masha GolubThis styled shoot with the beautiful Ophélie and Christophe was surrounded by nature and horses in the calm outskirts of Paris one breezy May day. A rustic wedding always incorporates nature with outdoor venues, which are commonly used for rustic weddings. The theme was to bring back luxury to a simple yet elegant setting of stables and fields. walking a field • Images by Masha Golubpetting horses in France • Images by Masha GolubEverything from the choice of wedding dress by Geraldine Daulon, to the floral arrangements on the horse, were meticulously composed matching the bridal bouquet by Cedric Exare Floral Designer. Everything was put together to evoke a rustic charm that captured our hearts and left us feeling inspired.laughing france • Images by Masha Golub horses in France • Images by Masha Golub horses by paris • Images by Masha GolubThis “casual” wedding did not mean that the wedding look was not elegant or classy, it just meant that the feel was not a black tie affair. As seen in the attire of the groom by The Nines Paris, everything was more relaxed. horses bride paris • Images by Masha Golub horse with flower in hair • Images by Masha Golub handsome country groom • Images by Masha Golub groom with horses • Images by Masha GolubAs the years go on, weddings with a casual comfortable feel are becoming more and more popular and My Riviera Weddings decided to bring back a sense of freedom and bohemian luxury by combining elements of luxury in a more natural state of mind. groom and bride • Images by Masha Golubfield wedding • Images by Masha Golub Every detail down to the way the hair was styled and the make up, by Yours Makeup Paris, as well as the choice of wedding attire for both the bride and groom were planned wedding • Images by Masha Golub couple in sunlight • Images by Masha Golub couple dancing • Images by Masha GolubThe perfect ending was the sunset in an enclosure with Shetland ponies and the bridal couple caused a perfect stillness rendered the love between the two. It was simply magical and captured by the talented Masha Golub, who brought the true French story together in the most captivating way. bride with see through gown • Images by Masha Golub bride in country • Images by Masha Golub bride gown magic • Images by Masha Golub bride gown France • Images by Masha Golub bride close up • Images by Masha GolubIn life sometimes stripping back on accessories and crowds with just the two of you is what makes that fairytale style simply perfect. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and love is what makes the world go round. black and white • Images by Masha Golub


You had us at horses with flowers in their hair, we loved every detail in the wedding shoot. Thanks to all the vendors involved.

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Fine Art Countryside Wedding Outside Paris Snapshot:

fine art countryside wedding outside Paris snapshot • Images by Masha Golub

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| Brides Dress Geraldine Daulon | Hair and Makeup Yours Makeup Paris | Photographer  Masha Golub | Venue Montgeron Equitation | Shoes Tailor Trucks | | Grooms Outfit The Nines Paris | Planner My Riviera Weddings |