How do you find the RIGHT destination wedding make up artist?

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There are so many aspects to planning a destination wedding, that often the decision of what to do for your wedding day make up, can fall to the bottom of the list.   With over 25 years of married life between the FWS team, we can all say that as the memories dim, your wedding images and films are so important, and of course how you look in them is part of this.

Today destination make up artist Victoria Farr is giving her expert advice on how you can find the RIGHT destination wedding make up artist for you.

How do you find THE right destination wedding make up artist?

Location – check, venue – check, photographer – check, wedding gown – check and the bonus of having your best friend doing your hair and make up!  She always looks really nice, plus the thought of finding someone in rural France is giving you a headache.

The practice run was ok, but there is a niggle!  Will it look picture perfect at noon through to midnight and will it all go right on the wedding morning.  If the answer is no, then you really should look at hiring a professional to put any concerns at rest and enjoy the process of being taken care of the morning of your wedding.  Now where do you start to find this person?


You can carry out the research which is at your fingertips, check with your venue or wedding planner, your photographer or venue stylist who may know someone, if not then you are faced with the internet.  Whichever the way, researching the right person for YOU is super important.

Make Up Artists are all the same, right?

Wrong, being a creative, each artist has their own unique style of working, you wouldn’t expect Picasso to paint like Van Gough.  So do check out their work on their website and social media, is this consistent, plus are they showing examples of their work on other people other than on themselves. You can really get a feel for a person and their style of work and don’t forget to ask yourself is this the look you would like for your wedding day.

Inspire, not copy.

Be inspired by Pinterest but don’t ask your artist to copy it, it is impossible! Different face shapes, eye shapes, skin tone, skin texture and who knows what products/colours they actually used on the image.  Plus a lot of the time it is has been airbrushed or heavily edited so it might not even be as the actual work of the original artist.

Let’s chat!

Prior to any booking fee made, I encourage you to speak to the artist either on the telephone or Skype which will give you a feel if this is the right person for you.  I offer a 15 minute discovery session via Skype with all my destination clients to find out if we are the right ‘fit’ for one another.  Remember, this person will be with you on such an important day and you need to trust them 100% to be the professional you are hiring them to be.

What products do you use?

There are 100’s of different make up brands that artists can use in their kits, so be sure to ask questions on what products they use and are they right for you?  Everyone favours different brands and techniques which your artist will be happy to discuss with you.


What to expect.

You’ve found the perfect person for you and secured the date in their diaries, so what’s next?

It’s good to talk

If you haven’t had a discovery Skype consultation to discuss your plans and ideas for your styling, I’d do so as soon as possible, even if this is to ‘meet’.  Don’t forget the artist will be very interested to discuss the style of gown, head dress/veil and floral arrangements and the overall look you wish to have, if you have a Pinterest board already set up, invite your artist to this so they can see what you are inspired by.

Trial & Consultation

If you would like a trial consultation prior to the wedding day, ascertain where and when this will be and the costs involved.  Paris or City elopement clients may not feel the need to have this service, however, I have found that the ladies who are having a larger ceremony outside of Paris take advantage of this service.

Perfect Timing

As part of the consultation process, find out when your artist will be arriving ahead of the wedding day, they should be close by at least the day before to avoid any issues in the event of any airport delays or transport problems.

They will also provide you with their timeline of the wedding day to carry out the services, so everyone knows what time they are in the ‘hot seat’.

Check if they will they travel to you at your venue/location on the wedding day? Unless they are based in a salon this should be the case.  Ensure they arrive in plenty of time so you are not rushed.  I find as a guideline, finishing at least 1 hour before you are due to leave for the ceremony is enough time to use the bathroom, dress into your gown and have pictures with your photographer.

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What if?

You need last minute lip stick apply, your veil needs popping in or you’ve just taken a hug from your Grandmother and a little of your hair has fallen out.  Check that your artist is able to stay around or if this is a service they can provide.

Will it last?

This is one of the most popular questions I’m asked and concerns from brides.  The technique and products used by your artist should last all day, but if you are in any doubt, take a look at the testimonials on the artists’ website or have a trial prior to the wedding day to check.

The only thing that would need to be topped up is your lip product and maybe a dusting of powder (to keep any shine at bay as the evening progresses), your artist will be happy to advise you on what colours and point you in the right direction, they may also be able to provide you with a top up kit.

What do I pay for?

Within all my wedding collections I earmark at least one night’s accommodation and my travel expenses (flight, taxi’s, car hire, tolls, mileage).  If your artist is carrying out a trial prior to the wedding in your location, they may have additional accommodation expenses, as they will be with you sooner than the day before wedding possibly.  If you wish you artist to stay later in the evening for a change of look, they may also need that’s night’s accommodation covering too.

Check their Terms & Conditions or contract for any additions, ie food expenses, additional accommodation.

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What the artist would like from you?

  • The wedding day location should have a sufficient work area including a chair and table and natural light by a window if at all possible. Some venue’s have a specific dressing area for the bride and bridal party.
  • Ensuring all of your bridal party are on time for their allocated slot, as the artist cannot be held responsible for being behind schedule.
  • Full disclosure on any allergies or specific requirements ahead of the day – it’s always good to be prepared.

Finally, they are the professional, ask their advice and any questions you have (there is never a silly one!) and enjoy the process, I know I certainly do.  Building a relationship with a bride over a period of time is precious and I love seeing it all come together on the wedding day.

A bientot!

Victoria x

Don’t forget it is never to early to book your desired hair and makeup artist. To find out more about Victoria Farr’s services visit


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