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Morning fabulous ladies!  Anyone who follows the blog know that I am a ultra keen Pinterest addict, but today I have a brand new resource to share with you for planning your French themed wedding – Cloud Parade!

Cloud Parade is a revolutionary online shop and inspiration board for brides.  Conceived in 2010 after Candice Becklund saw her sister get married, following a planning and design process disaster. Finding fabulous DIY or unique items on other online shops and inspiration sites was difficult and often a disaster when trying to trace back to the original shop to purchase.

Cloud Parade is an online site that hosts hundreds of fabulous wedding shops, you can purchase a unique wedding cake, an unusual wedding band, fabulous wedding invitations and even your wedding dress!

French Wedding Style Blog – Photography ©  – Cloud Parade

rustic chic bride

Available from Katie Jean on Cloud Parade

The best part of Cloud Parade is the Cloud aspect!  There is an abundant amount of inspiration boards built by other fabulous brides called Clouds.  As a bride is shopping, she can add items she likes to her Cloud to later view and become inspired.

At any time a bride can take her  Clouds with all the ‘favourite’ wedding items  and proceed to the checkout cart.  Brides are also  able to view the thousands of other Clouds that top designers,  coordinators, and Brides have posted.

cloud parade logo

If she comes across another bride’s cloud that incorporates her wedding vision,  she can proceed to check out with all the items in this new Cloud she found that was made by another bride.  If  co-ordinators are making Clouds for clients these can be set to private.

Ultimately a bride can shop, purchase, and build inspirational Clouds to design her wedding.

 rustic country wedding

(This is one of my Clouds – Rustic Country Wedding Style)

Clouds  are online inspiration boards hosted on Cloud Parade  by many other fabulous Cloud Parade users.  There are currently thousands of Clouds that a bride can browse and add items to for her own personal Cloud. The purpose of Cloud is to make fabulous inspiration boards and find other brides’ amazing inspiration boards.

Cloud Parade is the first and only  place where a bride and groom  can search through an online marketplace to find the perfect wedding items, add things to inspiration boards, view others’ inspiration boards (Clouds) and at any time continue to the check out.  The main benefit, the ability to turn your wedding inspiration into reality immediately.

 shabby chic wedding

(View my Shabby Chic Wedding Cloud)

Be sure to visit Cloud Parade and do let me know if you have already been using it.  If not visit

Happy Planning and Shopping!

Monique xx

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  • thank you – Cloud Parade looks great, off to have a proper look now. First time I have found your blog, it looks beautiful, full of inspiration. Looking forward to see more of your posts too.