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You are planning a trip in France, what is the first thing you do?  Hit your social media network and ask for travel recommendations?  Head to google and search for “things to do” in your chosen city? Yes, well this is what I often do as well, but as we all know with varying degrees of success!

However today I am going to let you in a secret … going on holiday doesn’t have to be so much hard work!  Now I am not talking about the big corporate travel agents who will put a bland travel package together, today we are looking at local travel and exclusive access across France with Bliss Travels.

Founded by Wendy Jaeger, Bliss Travels opens doors to travel experiences in Paris, Burgundy, Provence, Bordeaux and all along the Mediterranean.  These are not cookie cutter travel plans as with Bliss Travels you are given access to people and places that most tourists don’t get to see, in small groups less than 12 people.

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Wendy is the heart of Bliss Travels and following traveling to France for much of her life, decided to live her dream and left her job as an attorney to focus on her passion and share her localised travel experiences.   The trips available through Bliss are actually based on Wendy’s own journeys and most enjoyable moments in France, people she has met and places that have stolen her heart.

Compiling her own little black book of chefs, restauranteurs, hotel and private inn owners, artists, artisan producers and farmers, Wendy and her team uses her intimate local knowledge to create once in a life time travel experiences.

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No matter what your budget, travellers with Bliss Travels have a truly authentic and personalised insider experience that can’t be replicated!

So where can Bliss Travels take you?


Provence stole my heart many years ago, but with Bliss you can move beyond the atypical Provence experience and beautiful landscapes.  Wendy and the team will navigate you to hidden country inns, guide you to the best local markets across the area, expert shopping advice and unlock access to the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs.

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Travel with Bliss Travels and experience to beauty of Bordeaux. Trips to this region can include visits and tastings just after “Primeur”, to get insider advanced scoop on the upcoming vintage,, making your own wine at a world class Chateau and having cases shipped to you, gourmet tasting menu events and insider trips to Bordeaux are just some of the options, which will be tailored to your preferences.

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Paris is made for exploring, falling in love and enjoying this magnificent city.  With Bliss Travels they will provide an insiders experience, whilst leaving time for you to fall in love with Paris all on your own.  Enjoy private walking tours, museum admissions, gourmet dining, tastings and wines, plus, assistance with dinner reservations and suggestions for independent sightseeing.

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Be one of only 10-12 people to experience a custom wine vacation in Burgundy, France during the grape harvest. Each year, Bliss Travels’ clients enjoy exclusive access things not typically available to tourists: visits to domaines not open to the public; barrel tastings led by small wine makers; private sommelier led Grand Cru tasting parties; and fabulous dining that ranges from casual market day picnics to Michelin stars and private chefs. This is a personalized, relaxed trip through Burgundy with “insiders” that is customized to reflect the preferences of each traveler on this annual wine vacation.

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The Bliss Travels trips are perfect option for a no stress honeymoon, for those couples who want to do more than just relax by the pool, but have a relaxing holiday with experiences.

Alternatively if you are a francophile this is the perfect way to enjoy your beloved country with a localised travel experience.

To find out more about localised insider experiences throughout France get in touch with Wendy to chat about the possibilities.

[email protected] or by phone at 609-462‐6213.

For further inspiration, go to blisstravels.com.

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