Dukan Diet Macarons

On twitter last week I was discussing the upcoming Macaron Day today and Dukanized suggested his Dukan Diet macarons recipe.  I do love french macarons and seeing tweets and discussions about it, is only the second time on Dukan, apart from wine o’clock Friday, when I have really missed non-Dukan food.

So I printed out Dukanized recipe  and set off into the kitchen to create my own treats.

dukan diet macarons

The basis of the recipe is creating the shells with stiff egg whites mixed with egg yolks, cornflour (tolerated food), skimmed milk and flavouring.  The centre is an egg yolk and cocoa mix. For the full recipe visit Dukanized.

The macarons came out really light and fluffy and the chocolatey centre was a sweet treat on Dukan.  However the consistency reminded me of a choux pastry case, that would have been delicious filled with cream and strawberries.  Real french macarons have the harder outer shell, though a drying out before cooking and are super sweet as they are made purely from egg whites, almonds and icing sugar.  As no sugar is allowed on Dukan Diet, it is hard to replicate a french macarons texture and sweetness.

Don’t get me wrong these treats were delicious not least as they were the first sweet treat that you can actually bite into.  I served myself my Dukan french macaron on a china plate with a cup of herbal tea and felt like I was having afternoon tea – bliss!

Monique x x